ICE DIRECTOR: 'No President Has Done More' to Protect the US Border

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The former head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency praised President Trump’s fierce crackdown on illegal immigration Wednesday, saying no president “has done more” to help secure America’s borders.

“I respect every president I ever worked for. No president has done more for border security and law enforcement than President Trump,” said former ICE director Tom Homan. “The first year he was in office, and we were out there enforcing law the way we’re supposed to because he allowed us to through his executive actions.”

“The number of illegal border crossers dropped [from a] 40 to a 45-year low. A four-decade low. That’s not a coincidence. That’s because this president let ICE and the border patrol do their job,” he added.

Homan has worked at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under six different administrations.

h/t Daily Caller