IA Gov claims to be pro-life


Not sure how the Iowa governor can claim to respect life but then sign an anti-abortion bill with so many exceptions. Life is life, right? Isn’t life more important than how that life started? I thought abortion was murder?

It’s called zero exceptions=zero brain power. And no, life isn’t always life, particularly when it may not survive itself or may end the life of the mother.

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I hear you. I was referring to the exceptions for rape and incest.

Hmm, some oddities about this legislation. Rape must be reported within, was it 45 days, while incest 140?!

Let’s say the woman got pregnant by familial rape, and waited 140 days to report. Isn’t that pregnancy pretty far along by the time it’s terminated?

Some oddities to be sure, but it appears the Governor has made some attempt at keeping a campaign promise.

And I question the other side as well. “Some women couldn’t choose because by the time the window had elapsed, they didn’t know they were pregnant” (paraphrasing, but idea is the same)

Just what percent of women have such irregular periods from something like PCOS they don’t know they’re pregnant? Perimenopausal women becoming pregnant, where periods by the nature of this time are irregular? Do they really make up that large a percentage of pregnancies?

Kind of a moot point. The entire legislation will be flushed down the toilet by the Federal Courts soon enough. :slight_smile:

Last year, Iowa passed a law that bans abortions after 20 weeks. That law is now in effect there. This new law that got passed is very likely Unconstitutional, and I don’t see the point in paasing it since that state already has a law that is in effect that bans abortions after 20 weeks.

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Did he say “abortion is murder”?

Lat polling I remember on the subject is that around 80% of the people in the country agree there should be at least some limits on abortion.

The “Pro Life Movement” includes many of us that understand abortion is necessary occasionally to save the life of the mother and that in cases of rape it’s somewhere between hard and impossible to blame the victim if they choose to have an abortion.

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Familial rape is incest.

Yes, that’s true. The Ds are abortion extremists, and way out of the mainstream as they oppose any abortion limits or reasonable laws, such as parental notification.

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I don’t think that is true, at least when speaking about the average man on the street.

OF COURSE, there are the extremists on both sides and plenty of them.

Yes, there are those kind of extremists on the left. But of course, there are some pretty whacked out extremists on the right as well, including those who would ban abortion in all cases whatsoever, even if the life of the mother would be forfeit as a consequence.

But extremists on either side do not define the debate nor have they defined the middle ground.

In this country, we have defined a middle ground on abortion. Abortion is banned in virtually ALL cases after viability, while permitted in all cases prior to viability.

Thoughtful GOOD FAITH regulation of abortion is permitted, but bad faith back door bans on abortion are not going to pass muster.

Neither EXTREME is satisfied, but most Americans are ok with the current arrangement, even if they PERSONALLY oppose or support abortion.

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In any event, the legislation will be in force for Saturday and Sunday. Having been signed into law late Friday, it will be Monday morning before a challenge can be filed and likely Monday afternoon before a Temporary Restraining Order is issued.

One of my son’s friends when she was just 18 went to the hospital with stomach cramps. Turns out she was giving birth. Neither she nor her parents had any clue she was pregnant. She was always kind of a big girl but she never looked pregnant. Obviously I don’t know what her cycles were like but the fact some people do go full pregnancies without knowing makes it easy to believe that many can go several months without realizing.

So you don’t believe that a fetus is a human life?

The above says it is ok to murder a baby if you were raped. Does that sound consistent with pro-life?

It’s not PURIST pro-life.

I am about as purist pro-life as a person can get. I see profound human rights parallels between slavery and abortion, and I have been consistently vocal on the Hannity boards about that. I would be surprised to fins any long-term Hannity participant who wasn’t aware of that.

Having said that, I also understand the cultural, societal and political realities of expecting a pure pro-life ever to pass. Too many people allow the emotional RARITIES to veil the truth of abortion. For that reason I would readily accept any abortion limitation as a step in the right direction, knowing that the insistence of all-or-nothing guarantees a result of NOTHING.

The Iowa legislation isn’t a mere step. It’s a leap.

I find it curious that abortion proponents who hide behind the rape/incest/life-of-the-mother rarities now challenge pro-lifers who concede those exceptions. Would they be happier if the legislation didn’t have those exceptions? Or were they disingenuous in using those exceptions previously in their abortion rights advocacy? To me, the use of those exceptions to argue for unfettered abortion is akin to using those tragic cases as human shields.



If you are against abortion, you should definitely not have one.

No more laws required.

exactly. meaningless drivel slopped down in the trough for all the anti-choice piglets.


Evidently, this law doesn’t go into effect until July 1st.

The ACLU of Iowa and Planned Parenthood of Iowa will be co-litigating against the litigation. They have a bit of time to file, given the effective date. I would expect litigation to be filed by early June, with a request for a Preliminary Injunction filed with the litigation. Most likely, it will be filed in the Southern District of Iowa.

Its a leap to get tossed out by the feds as unconstitutional as can be.

6 weeks. LOL.


They know that the District Court will strike down the legislation and they know the Court of Appeals will uphold the District Court. Both courts are bound by Supreme Court precedent to do so.

They are hoping that by the time this reaches the Supreme Court, they will have 5 votes to overturn Planned Parenthood v Casey. That is the entire point of this legislation.

They know they lose in the lower courts. This is for all the gumballs at the Supreme Court.

But its still 5-4 in SCOTUS until Kennedy goes bye-bye.

really doubt they would grant cert to this.

Just a big waste of Iowa taxpayers bux.