I will not miss this clown when she gets the boot on January 20th, 2021 at high noon

DeVos should be glad she is not sitting in jail for contempt of court. She clearly deserves to for her years of stonewalling and outright defiance of the court.

And yet again, she is told to ■■■■ off as a Judge voids a settlement deal due to her outright defiance.

If she is still on office on January 20th, Biden’s literal first act needs to be firing her.


I remember her confirmation hearing before a Senate committee. She couldn’t even answer the most basic questions on what the DOE did. So many of only the best people.

When did otherwise rational people become so spiteful??

She’ll be around for a while.

I agree.
If Biden wins, I wish he would go low and make the announcement that elitist out-of-touch billionaires like DeVos and Mnunchin and Ross have essentially been given their walking papers.

She’s a disgrace to the position and has zero understanding of public schooling or education.

She and her family became rich with an MLM company. Did we really expect someone who got rich with a pyramid scheme to know how to run a governmental department?

From my understanding, she doesn’t want a public education system. She wants a private education that is publicly funded with vouchers.

I heard that as well.
How that helps certain demographics or areas, I’m all ears.

I still haven’t heard how it would be funded. I only argument I have heard made is that it brings equity to the system, and if you are not for it you are somehow bigoted. (Which is not an argument for how to pay for a system)

Public school right now are mainly funded through local property taxes. I don’t know how that would transfer to a voucher system. In Michigan, we have school choice which, in my view, has been a disaster. I think the best system is public and private. No mingling of the two.

What is DeVos’s motivation to stand in the way of these loan forgiveness requests? Is it that they were co-signed by taxpayers or what? The turn down rate clearly displays bias so it makes me wonder what’s up with that?