I was wrong and am sorry. Let me get the record straight

America also has the second deadliest pandemic in recent history going on.

People can’t work because then they’ll risk getting sick. Trump wanted to close the border to China but y’all whined about that. So he left it open for a while and now you blame him for leaving it open and subsequently, the pandemic.

Make up your collective minds, or better yet, don’t say anything at all.

Guess what the Trump Virus has caused? Homelessness, poverty, and violence.

More trump derangement, thanks for the laugh

Would you say America is doing great when 32 percent of households cannot pay their mortgage or rent?

Because Trump totally was behind the scenes, manufacturing the virus and putting it in bats, which served as a vector.

If you say so.

The stock market is not the economy. I might have to cross-stitch that onto a sampler to get people to understand.

People didn’t complain because he did. partial travel restrictions. They complained about the nature of it…Why didn’t he limit travel from Europe as that’s how it was spread to the East Coast/New York City

First part is true.
No one complained about closing the flights to china despite Trumps talking point that is a lie.

We blame him for nto taking the warnings that Biden was saying since Oct. We blame him for minimizing it and saying it would go away, it was under control, and that China was handling it perfectly in Feb while Biden was saying dont trust china.
We blame him for not listening to the experts most of the time, and then when he did, change his mind a day later and tweet things like “Liberate MI”

We blame him for pushing untested drugs and having no national plan or no national testing plan unlike any other nation.
We blame him for dismissing he virus and ignoring the warning and exeprts and as a result having the worst numbers out of any other G7 nation. We blame him that after 4 years of his leadership we are left with

10+% unemployment
Negative Econmic growth
Increased crime
Civil Unrest
Racial tensions and
Loss of manfacturing Jobs
and a deficit just shy of 4trillion!


The stock market is no longer even an indicator of the economy. Amazing what injecting huge amounts of taxpayer money to prop it up will do, isn’t it? Unemployment keeps going up, businesses closing permanently, and the good old stock market keeps right on trucking. It doesn’t actually pay to have a real job these days. Who knew?

You have to consider outside circumstances. No president, except for Woodrow Wilson, has had to deal with an issue of this magnitude. The WHO and other agencies are working hard to research and develop treatment options for the COVID-19 virus, however, the ripple effect on the economy has already occurred. It’s not so much Trump as it is people’s fears of going out in public with the virus laying around. And their fears are 100% well-founded.

I actually am glad the market is going up. I do think that is good. Trump can own it if he likes. But that is only 1 part.
Getting 1 answer correct on a test that has 10 questions is still a really bad score.


Of course not.

But what trump actually did was, relegate a response the the greatest threat to our home land in a century to the states, without providing proper leadership, support or response.

If talking about deficit is derangement, the entire right was collectively deranged from 2009-2017.

Okay you got me on that one. Perhaps he should leave research of the virus to say, private laboratories that can be trusted throughout the country, as well as the CDC.

Not sure if I trust Fauci, but suggesting masks, social distancing, disinfectant, and even anti-septic, are helping.

Especially when injected

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Do you think the 32 percent of the Americans who cannot make payments and those who are owed money really care about the excuses you are putting out there or do you think they think a better job could have been done like in the rest of the world. They are suffering.

Hence why I mentioned anti-septic, which is for preventing infections inside and on the body. Disinfectant is for non-biological objects.

I will trust Trump on this one thank you. Its a shame that injecting disinfectants was dismissed by the MSM who want Americans to needlessly suffer

Just seems so typical for deranged trump haters to do. Its at least a good laugh to watch trump haters heads exploding.