I was wrong and am sorry. Let me get the record straight

In multipile threads I have posted the result of trumps 4 years of leadership
It includes 10+% unemployment
Negative Econmic growth
Increased crime
Civil Unrest
Racial tensions and
Loss of manfacturing Jobs.

However - while all of that is 100% accurate of what Trumps America looks like, I also kept including 2 Trillion Dollars defict.
That was wrong.
It is actually just shy of 4 trillion Dollar defict, almost 400% higher then the next biggest deficit on record.

Sorry for getting that wrong.




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Appreciate your honesty and correcting mistakes you made. Takes a big person to admit mistakes like that and correcting them.

5 trillion huh? Do you know when the Tea Party Patriots will be out on the streets?


Sorry - Fat finger. 4 trillion, not 5. Fixed it.

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The chaos is in the dem cities and caused because they don’t support law enforcement, and want the chaos for the election year. That’s how mean the left’s politicians are. They see homelessness, poverty and violence caused by their policy and keep voting for the same thing. See very mean people…

The rest of the country is doing great. About to set new records in the stock market…

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At the rate we’re going, I’d day somewhere around January 20 of next year; just a hunch .

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Apology accepted.

But for further notice. Nobody cares about the national debt. If they did they would complain when their own party is running it up. All the people who were silent when Obama doubled the debt are throwing a fit now. Why did they wait? Also Biden has no plan other than to run up the debt even more. Nobody cares. It’s non issue.

If he owns the stock market he owns the rest as well. Do you also break out the stock market to only include those companies not located in Dem cities?



Are we better off than we were 4 years ago?


Yes we heard all of this in 2018 almost Word for word

Im not talking Debt, Im talking Deficit.
Obama cut the deficit in half.

Trump increased it almost 700%

You understand the difference between deficit and debt correct?


Im typing to fast. Fixing

Well, plenty of people say they care when Democrats are in charge.

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They will care again next year.

Stunning reversal. MAGA!

Yes, the dems have not changed their game plan… Cause Homelessness, poverty and violence … It’s very mean!

Or may be hear me out … this is all election year hyperbole.

What does that have to do with the deficit ?

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Thirty two percent of American households couldn’t make their housing payments in July. America is not doing great.

When ya got nuthin’, you just make things up.