I was on my way to work tonight

And I had to stop and ponder how many people on the boards would have been triggered.

As I got off my motorcycle, a guy walks out of the convenience store. Let me describe him for you.

Cowboy hat (not the George Strait type, but dirty dusty working the range type hat) Sunglasses, wife beater tee shirt, Silver cross necklace. On one hip was about a 12 inch knife in a sheath. On the other hip was a revolver in a holster. A chain cliped to his belt loop ran to a wallet in his back pocket.

We each said hi as we passed. I wasn’t afraid of him, the gun, or the knife. He probably didn’t know that I had my own gun in a concealed carry holster.

He went to the only other vehicle in the parking lot. I’ll just call it a classic “red neck pick up.” Big tires, lifted. Front license plate was the confederate flat. In the bed of the truck an American Flag was mounted. In the back window was a cartoon character of a guy taking a piss on the letters SUWA.

By the way, SUWA is a liberal environmento wacko organization (Southern Utah WIlderness Aliance).

Like I said, couldn’t help but wonder how many on here would have been triggered by all this.

No this isn’t in politics. It’s in OTB where it belongs.


C’mon snow. I smile and say hi to everyone. Everyone. He is probably a nice person. Most people are.

You seem to have spent a lot of time studying a stereotype for this post.

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Nope, we just have a lot of rednecks around here. Most are just like the guy and truck minus the revolver.

Just seeing a guy with a knife and a revolver getting into a truck with the rebel flag would send a lot of liberals into orbit.

Well, you called him a redneck, not me.

I’d smile and say hi, he’s just another person.

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Only thing that would bug me is the confederate flag.


He is a redneck. It’s not a bad or derogatory thing to call a person.

Maybe it was a she? Could have been a lady redneck. Would you have been triggered then?

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Seems a little strange to me that a mod would go to the trouble of posting something specifically with the thought in mind that it might trigger people on the forum he moderates. But hey, what do I know?

I’ll never understand people in Western/Northern states who feel the need to fly the colors of the confederacy. I tend to just write them off as a certain type who I probably don’t really need to interact with.



Not at all.

And yes we have lady rednecks around here.

Around here it isn’t a derogatory term. Sorry.

I actually prefer smiling and saying hello to people like that than a man in a three piece suit or a woman in a dress and high heels. They have character, personality, and uniqueness. And usually some good stories to tell if you stop to talk to them.


Just like how homosexuals adopted the 6 letter F word as something they were allowed to call each other, rednecks have done the same. I’d like to see what would happen if some Yankee were to start calling people rednecks in some trailer park in Alabama.

I’m opening a Triggered Lib Therapy And Recovery Center. You can be my first patient. I expect to make billions.

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fair trade and organic blanket i hope, and that coloring book better be made from recycled materials or your lib card will be yanked by the local 420


Check’s in the mail, just as soon as I can muster the courage to walk past the bar playing FOX News on my way to the mailbox.

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“Yay, I is gonna trigger the libs! Take that, people with different political beliefs than me!”

And this is a thread started by a mod, no less. Oh well.


I lied, I would also smh at the 12” fixed blade, that moves him firmly from working man to costume.

This wasn’t to trigger anyone.

I just was contemplating how many ~IF~ they ran into something like this in real life would be triggered.

You know:

  1. Gun open carry
  2. Confederate flag
  3. disrespecting a liberal environmental group