I was about to say the Georgia election was Legit

Then just before I come on to this forum to say that, Gabe Sterling who is over the counting etc. came on fox & started out his news conference trashing Trump basically calling him a liar.

I felt with so many eyes on this election maybe it was legit even though I don’t like the outcome.

If he hadn’t done that I probably would have accepted the results, but now I just don’t trust it. Those in charge of the election process acting out so very partisan makes me believe the fix is in…AGAIN. I actually hope not & it can be shown it’s all good, but it’s really hard to trust after the last 4 years & then the steal of the Presidency.

The left just couldn’t let it be. Had to get his licks in huh? Then had to rehash the President election on top of it that it was all perfect. Nope! Not accepting this either now. The fact he thought he HAD to do that just shows he’s likely in on the fix.

Gabe Sterling is a republican.

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Never Trumper

It’s still “legit”. Trump et al have been attacking their integrity for a month.


That’s not the left.

Trump has damaged the GOP and shares responsibility for the losses.

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Because they have none


Well, there you go.

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That word doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does.

Yes it is the left. RINO’s are on the left


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RINO’s are on the left

Thank you.


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hysterics. Trump shares responsibility for the losses. Lindsey Graham was right.


No, thank you.

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This election drove a stake through the heart of “fraud” in Georgia…to believe it was crazy before to still believe is…well still crazy but with an extra dose of nuts.

I said it before Graham did. “What I think you have done” on the old board. Specifically the Senate.

I should run for office.

“I was going to do the thing you thought I wouldn’t do but then I didn’t for insert reason” is my favorite content on the whole internet.


Are you posting at me?

I literally replied to the OP.