I Want To Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill

Yes. I do want to kill, to not just kill, but to perform a massacre.

I want to kill the Bixby app that came on my iPhone, but I am clueless how to do it?

Not that tech savvy. Tried searching for it, but just got more frustrated…argh!

What did Bill ever do to you?

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Jayzuz Lou, you might want to moderate that title a bit. I was afraid of what might be happening in here.

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I never set it up, but every time I swipe left on my phone the screen pops up. Minor annoyance, but tolerable.

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I thought he was doing a scene from “Alice’s Restaurant.”



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Man…im glad that’s all it is. I thought Lou was going awol…for a minute.


Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving, wasn’t it?

The thread title immediately reminded me of the time I saw Arlo and Pete Seeger at the Wolftrap.


Yeah, I hate that ■■■■■■■ thing too.

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i dont know what youre talking about

and i already hate it


Wow. I hadn’t remembered him until you mentioned it.

Sorry Bill! Nothing personal.


It was supposed to be ATT’s answer to Alexa from what I understand. A “voice activated personal virtual assistant” pre installed on my iphone.

She keeps activating and talking without rhyme or reason and I can’t find any way to shut her up.

The thread title was so inspired. :wink:

I should have posted some 8 by 10 glossies.


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Ayup! That is it!

Mine pocket activates all the time. It comes on no matter how careful I am putting the phone down or into my pocket.

You want to…
kill, kill, kill…

Kill your landlord?

C-I-L-L …your landlord?

Dang! I thought this was going to be about Arlo Guthrie!