I’ve got a new slogan for the Prez

Listening to the slogan Biden (?) come up with after Obama saw bin Laden killed, I came up with this one for the Prez…al-Bhagdadi’s gone, the economy’s grown, and all the left can do is moan! :slight_smile:

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“And pretty soon Trump, you’ll be gone”

Welcome to the boards.


Welcome to the boards!

At the stadium Trump’s smile did reach.
Then came the yells of wanting to impeach.
Then his smile went bye.
He looked like he was going to cry.


Needs to rhyme better to be memorable.

There once was a leader named Trumpy
Whose ego was bloated and plumpy
He crowed that this kill
Was the bigliest thrill
And when folks disagreed he got grumpy.


Welcome aboard. Don’t mind the dogpile. Any semblance of praise toward the President is met with frothing hostility. lol

Welcome to the board. I how you’ll stick around. We need more people with new ideas around here.


Ok, nice!


It worked with Bin Laden because everyone in America knew he was. Most of America knows about ISIS but not this man’s name. And those who just heard of him for the first time last weekend will forget his name in a month.