I thought Obama was smarter than this

Probably. The left had it with Prop 8 and the courts bailed them out.

Same sex marriage thing ? How so ?

Black nation voting against.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing exactly here.

Yes, we are. California Prop 8.

White men…mostly

There are good people on both sides.

That certainly wasn’t Obama.

That was…

Say his name.



Uh huh. Hard, isn’t it.

Not for me… my tribe isn’t clean but your tribe is excessively targeting Asians with hate.

That’s what the report says. Do you have better analysis?

Might want to check your bias.

You might want to check the report…

Unless you have a better one

Are you insinuating there aren’t? Which “side” does not have any good people?

Same ole, same ole. Folks here refuse to address the recent attacks on Jews by deflecting as fast as humanly possible. It’s a coordinated technique used by lib tag teams.


I kid, I kid.:wink:

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There’s a good many Christians that support the state of Israel, but not because they are not anti-Semitic.

It’s because they think the more Israel is supported, the closer we come to Judgement Day because they believe a literal Israel fulfills end times prophecy….which doesn’t end well for a lot of Jews, in their view of the end times.

Israel is a means to an end for them…not a nation of people to respect.

Simmer down now kid. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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They won’t call out their own so long as Tlaib and Omar are in the House.

I did.

The people openly making anti-Semitic statements?
The people violently attacking Asians?

No. We have seen who is doing that.
They are not influenced by Trump.
They are more on the Obama/Biden bandwagon.

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White Men

I agree, see above