I thought I'd heard every excuse for obesity until now

I was about 80 pounds heavier before implementing changes that led to a dramatic weight loss beginning late 2016. I suppose I could blame my previous state of obesity on “The Obama Years”.

VIDEO: Prof ties black female obesity to Trump policies, racism


Congrats on improving your health!

Also, good for that professor for having an opinion.

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Professors should teach opinions now? That true for science classes as well? In my opinion, my answer is right.

Indeed, quite an achievement.


Right? Opinions matter. Even idiotic ones.

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It’s not indicated that they teach this in their class.

I mean. I guess. I didn’t start this thread, so someone thought it was an achievement.

Thank you. Yes, she can have an opinion but until she admits the real cause of her obesity, no change can be made. Over the years I blamed stress, quitting smoking, affordability of healthier food, and several other things for my fatness. After finding out I was prediabetic I decided enough was enough. I finally put the blame where it belonged: me shoving too much food into my mouth at the wrong time of day.
She is doing her followers a disservice.

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How is this a 2nd Amendment topic?

Here’s a Smyrnaism; One of the ways that people actually display their strength of character is whether they point fingers at others for their problem…or they look in the mirror. This lady is nothing but a weak, finger pointer and what it most often indicates is, until they look in the mirror…the problem being identified, will never be resolved.

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It’s not. Newbie error I guess. I tried to change the topic but was unable.

Along with the obvious TDS, that was a co-point. Liberals have a problem with self-evaluation and personal responsibility. If it hadn’t been for those “evil oppressors” this professor would not have eaten copious amounts of lard and sugar. :rofl:


Congratulations on taking the steps necessary to safeguard your health. Obesity is a major cause of America’s collective healthcare woes.

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There are multiple studies that show class has an effect on obesity rates. Namely, that lower social classes tend to show higher obesity rates. Why?

The more resources one has, the easier it is to manage weight. The extreme examples are Hollywood elites who can afford chefs and trainers and assistants to keep themselves slim.

So yes - personal responsibility and will are a factor, but those with more resources at their disposal certainly have an easier go of it.

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This has what to do with the Second Amendment?

Funny a lot of those who cite low income and inability to make healthy food choices always seem to have money for cigarettes and Smart Phones.

Friend of mine is married to a home health nurse who keeps indigent patients out of the E R for their care. One of her charges cited difficulty paying for groceries & wanted more food & nutrition assistance—yet seemed to magically find $60 for a manicurist.

It’s hard to buy sneakers to walk around the block? SNAP doesn’t cover fruits & vegetables?

I think it would take roughly 28 inches of fat to really stop a bullet. Maybe we need a few decades of a Trump Presidency so Americans can be bulletproof?


Is obesity simply a matter of an individual being lazy?

Yes, that is an oversimplified interpretation of reality.

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“Is obesity simply a matter of an individual being lazy?”

Catch the part of the post about actively making spending choices?

I did. It’s likewise an oversimplified dismissal of the problem.

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