I thought Democrats wanted more asylum claims?

Apparently, it’s open borders only for refugees that help Democrats and aren’t actually suffering under actual government repression. The Cuban people clearly don’t appreciate the Democratic Socialist paradise they already have.


Well,I just watched Marco Rubio say he asked him to do it, otherwise Cuba sets off a mass migration and all the protesters and Cuban prisoners take a dangerous boat ride.

I would make it abundantly clear to the Castro regime that if you guys threaten us with a mass migration or if you encourage a mass migration, like Mariel, like the rafter crisis of ’94, that is an act of hostility against the United States and we will act accordingly. Those four things have to come across.”

Them brown people Hispanicos don’t vote right. No asylum for them!


Again, Rubio seems to agree, probably because a lot of them would drown, unlikely Cuba let’s us come pick them up. Or gives them decent boats. I’ll defer to his judgement on this one myself.

When I lived in Fla I’ve found most Cuban Americans to be very patriot people.

Thus the reason IMO.


Mayorkas’ warning did not mark a shift in U.S. policy. For decades, the U.S. government has been turning back the vast majority of migrants encountered at sea.

Oh horse ■■■■ . Their government is killing them. That whole “one foot dry” thing was performative.


I don’t disagree. But trying to place blame with the current administration just looks silly.

Cubans should boat over to Mexico and enter on foot through the open southern border.


The current administration should shut up if “Don’t come” is the best it can do when there is an actual asylum situation going on 90 miles from the US.


They can, and they do.

So pro Cuban protesters blocked Interstate 75 in Lee County Florida last night.

When BLM protesters blocked roads there were howls of indignation and calls to run them over. States passed laws making penalties harsher for such acts, even adding new felonies to the books.

What happened when protesters blocked a major interstate highway last night?

Nothing. Not a single arrest. I guess it all depends on what you are protesting against.

By the way, I supported most of the new laws with harsher penalties for this when BLM did it.

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They shouldn’t play in the road.

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Read the actual law, for it to be triggered there also has to be violence or threaten violence against someone.

America isn’t going to invade Cuba easy there Rubio.

blocking a highway is illegal why you need a permit.
has been since forever.

don’t come has been the Republican policy on refugees for like 5 + years what changed.
is it because Cuban mostly vote Republican ?

Where did he say invade? And with whoever is controlling our puppet President at the helm I wouldn’t be that sure of that.

Yes, now show me where peaceful BLM have been arrested for it.


peaceful has nothing to do with the law.
its a crime to stop traffic on a highway period.

I though Republican were party of “Law and Order”