I Thought Anonymous Sources Were Bullcrap

Strange that the Trump team is affirming that the anonymous source is real. It’s almost as if that they believe what the person is saying.

The not real person might have committed a crime if the not real op ed wasn’t the only thing they didn’t write.

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the lodestar leaker can go ■■■■ him or herself, because that op-ed was such a self-serving piece of ■■■■■■■■. Of course us on the left want it to be true that this administration is in chaos, but it only shows that the author wants to protect the GOP. They, in so many words, said we put up with a dangerous moron because Goresuch and corporate tax cuts.


Sounds like the gop

Of course the source is real. That’s why Fat Donald in a such a blind panic to find the source before he exposes even more of the Trump ■■■■■■■■■.

Oh I’m sure the source is real. I just don’t like him or her.


The person is real. The crap the person is spewing is pure Trump-hatred. The arrogance of these deep state Trump haters, believing that they alone can control Trump and make the country safer.

What I find to be laughable is that this person going public is likely the break investigators have been looking for to root and prosecute out these bad actors.

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Jesus…if you actually read the OP-ed you would know that they agree with 90% of what trump pushes out. They try to keep the crazy from getting out. They are pushing a conservative agenda…

Had you actually bothered to educate yourself and read the OP you wouldnt have made this post…

They are Trump-haters in the deep state. Only a Trump hater would take that kind of position and go public.

So you are just going to repeat this stupid crap over and over again and waste everyones time because you cant be bothered to read the Op-ed.

Well back to ignoring you

Damn…you’re having it rough in Hannity Land today.

The article is another episode of Miss Piggy munching on a nothing burger and enquiring minds are thrilled. When all is said and done, the most exciting part will be the “burp” announcing the next episode. :sunglasses:

As always you’ll be wrong…

If it was a big nothing then trump wouldnt be actively trying to find out who this is. you are just so bad at all this…its amazing

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You Trump haters still have no clue.

So strange how easily they talk out of both sides of their mouths

That isn’t relevant. American’s did not vote for a “secret resistance”.

Sure it is…they arent trump haters…its objectively false.

I’m not a backer of either party, but when are both sides going to shut up?