I think the ex-KGB guy has already won

Not totally unlike Bin Laden, Putin figured out how to use our strengths against us. With Bin Laden it was physically sending people here to get trained to carry out a horrible act of violence (using our own stuff). With Putin, he just does it through our own mouths (promotes infighting, promotes fighting with our allies, pushes wedge issues via technology, etc, etc). In both cases it’s using us (or our freedoms) against us (in some manner).

We’re being played and it’s to Putin’s advantage. He has always needed to crack the alliances between us and our allies and it’s pretty much done.

You can’t say he’s not clever.


He can’t beat us without help from the inside.

There are some among us who saw the story about suggesting Russia be reinvited to the G7, and defended it for profit.

It doesn’t help that the POTUS wears his ego on his sleeve and is predictably moved by the barest hint of criticism and/or praise.

Unless of course it’s as some Trumpists believe, and Donald is just playing the sensitive fool in a grand eleventy dimensional psychological game in order to lure his opponents into a false sense of superiority.

Nothing new. Fools in this country have been willing to do the bidding of Russia for many, many decades. At every turn they defended Russia and sought to weaken this country from within. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they lamented the reality of the US being the sole Super Power in the world and demanded a " peace dividend " for the only purpose of dismantling US Military might.

Trump is a coward, if he hasn’t got the guts to fire people in person,it goes without saying he isn’t going to stand up to Putin.

I bet it was some party in the Kremlin when Trump was elected,it’s a dream come true for them.A President with no stones and no sense who they can run rings round.

So far, there just hasn’t been anything that much from Russia that hasn’t been going on for decades. If there are trade disagreements between countries or the losing minority party having a fit, it has liittle to do with Russia. They spend a few thousand dollars on facebook ads and the losers claim it stole the election.

Its like those people claiming all their problems come from microwaves in the air

Maybe there’s something there, but it isn’t a huge mover.

You may now go on with the “comrade” and “Russian troll” comments.

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The Russians illegally accessed and publicized emails from the DNC and Podesta.

I know you know this but for some reason you seem to forget this a LOT.

No I don’t think anyone has forgotten that.
Want to explain how that going forward will influence people’s votes?
You would think the DNC would be able to control that flow now since they know what was gotten.

So Democrats will have to either clean up their act, stop fixing primaries, stop cheating on debate questions or improve their security by not responding to emails telling them they won the lottery.
Problem solved.

People get hacked all the time, the solution to that problem is not going to war with a country armed with nuclear weapons, it is to hire people to secure your data. Further, both Podesta and the DNC a

Doug clearly forgot given he has attributed the entirety of their influence campaign to Facebook ads.

are not America, they are private entities. accidentally hit reply early. If we are going to go on red alert every time a foreign nation or national hacks a US citizen or company there won’t be anyone left we can have relations with in pretty short order.

That’s the most absurd strawman you’ve crafted in some time. Go to war? Get serious.

Blame the victim. Cute.

You know it’s illegal, right?

Ok they paid Facebook for AD space.
So isn’t the real problem that Facebook was GREEDY in wanting money? So if Russia wanted to waste money for Ads on FB the DNC could have wasted Money as well.
You seem to forget that Russia purchased both Anti-Trump ads and Pro-Trump ads.

The only anti-Trump ad I saw was after the election which is irrelevant to the idea of influencing a campaign.

Facebook did not properly identify who was taking out ads.

Govts regularly interfere in elections. What’s hurt us is blaming Trump’s campaign instead of Putin. It’s the witch hunt for someone who “colluded”. From a republican view point we’ve had the IRS used against us with no punishment and now an unwarranted investigation into our wining candidate. Putin is only partly to blame.

Can we all now agree that Romney was right about Russia??

Yeah I mean it’s not like harming another country economically has ever resulted in war…

More Russian than American.