I think my Reply is Broke

It seems I can create new threads but not reply to them. What?

I don’t see any reason for this to be occurring. Clear browser, cookies…

It’s a mobile thing. I have to keep the keyboard open and scroll past the white space to the bottom to the reply button for it to work. If I click on “done”, which closes out the keyboard, the buttons below the text box don’t respond to the touch event.

I was not able to reply. However when I created a new message it (hopefully) sends.

It’s weird, it’s like the reply button doesn’t work. I type out my post but I can’t click the button - it even saves the post I type but won’t actually post it.

Hey I got it to work?! So I can reply as long as the keyboard is open? I don’t think I had that before.

Any better today?

The issue seems fixed for me. Thank you!!


This has been happening to me intermittently.

Just another problem in a long list of problems that have plagued this site. The mods do a good job in escalating these issues but as someone who frequents a variety of other message boards this site certainly comes top in technical issues.