I think it is time for the Judicial Conference of the United States to pursue a formal investigation and sanctions against United States District Judge Lynn Hughes

Well, they actually have already, but his latest behavior goes beyond the pale and constitutes a breach of basic judicial principles.

Not too long ago, United States District Judge Lynn Hughes made some rather sexist comments to a female Assistant United States Attorney. Ultimately, he was formally reprimanded by the Fifth Circuit.

He evidently has not gotten over it.

Without explanation, Hughes has banned this attorney from his courtroom, doing it in a very high handed fashion that left zero doubt that this is sheer retaliation.

This sort of thing cannot be permitted to go unchallenged.

The United States Attorney’s Office is pursuing this at the Fifth Circuit Judicial Standards and Conduct Committee. If Hughes does not back off, I think a formal suspension and notice to Judge that if this behavior continues, the next step will be a to formally request the House of Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings on the grounds of abuse of power.

Alternatively, I think the other Judges of the court should pressure him to retire, as he is eligible for full retirement. His behavior reflects badly on the court as a whole and he just needs to leave now.

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At the pretrial hearing, Ansari announced her name to the court reporter and Hughes promptly excused her from court. She packed up and left.

Four days later at the start of a subsequent hearing on the same health care fraud case, Hughes immediately excused Ansari again.

She asked why, and judge declined to provide his rationale.

Ansari thanked Hughes and left the courtroom

I know it’s expected but I still think the self control demonstrated by the prosecutor deserves recognition.

I can’t think of many occupations where a 77 year old is expected to carry on with standard responsibilities. Whats with the legal profession and/or politics and working until you die at your desk?

She handled it very well. Kept her mouth shut and is letting her boss handle it through the proper channels.

There is a long history of Judges working all the way up to oblivion in the federal judiciary. Most famously Wesley Brown working until 1 month before his death at age 104.

There are several judges in their 90’s, at least 2 of whom maintain 100% caseloads.

I think in many cases it is a simple love of the job and love of the law. Particularly given that they can retire outright at full salary and spend their lives out on the golf course. Instead, they come to work and continue the grind day in and day out.

Hey, it’s an easy gig. You sit all day and sustain or overrule the occasional objection every now and then. Plus the pay ain’t too shabby, either.

I don’t think so. :smile:

Particularly when they get stuck with an intellectual property case.

And the pay actually sucks, I guarantee you they are NOT doing that job for the pay, when they could easily get 3 times as much a year in the private sector.

True. Usually I see them retire and work in arbitration/mediation a couple of days a week. They make about the same as a full docket on the court.

(Note: Rather than starting a new thread, I will necropsy this old one, since it is about the same individual.

This guy is literally the right’s answer to the late Stephen Reinhardt, the late Harry Pregerson and the late Manuel Real. Making both procedural and substantial rulings as he pleases and not according to the requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. He has been booted off six cases recently by the Fifth Circuit.

This level of defiance is approaching a breach of good behavior. If not to the point of removal of office, than to the point of serious disciplinary actions. He runs a courtroom, not his own personal circus.

Hubris…College professors also.

Cake jobs that the elderly can fumble through.


Just learned that Lynn Hughes abruptly took senior status on February 12, 2023. While he is listed as having court staff, his hearing calendar for the next two weeks is empty.

I can only hope that he is going inactive and will never trouble anybody ever again.