I think it is now plausible that Trump will face an indictment, if so, I think the prosecution should go ahead and file the indictment and leave it to the courts to answer the question of whether a sitting President can be indicted

Some of the legal experts claim that is irrelevant, if no campaign money was used.

“Some” legal experts?

Which ones?

Turley states that Trump could have a problem. Levin says legal professors are all wet.

Me personally, I don’t see this amounting to anything.

Donald Trump spent the money to keep his infidelities secret from his wife. He wouldn’t want to embarrass her. The money was less in furtherance of his campaign, but more to keep his wife from leaving him if she found out.

Shady and morally dubious, but not illegal.

It already amounts to something.

If Cohen pled guilty and will face time for it, why not Trump?

I disagree. Campaign money is campaign money. Private money is private money.

You just gave him his alibi. Thanks a lot!

Its still an illegal campaign donation if Cohen arranged for the payment or did the payment and it wasn’t Trump’s money before the election. Its an undeclared donation at the request of the campaign. Its an illegal donation.

Oh. Now you got him. :wink:

Cohen can’t pardon himself.

Because Cohen’s plea has nothing to do with Trump.

And if private money is used to further the campaign?

I think i heard that ‘theory’ a month or two ago. I’m not that creative.

Cohen literally said, he was directed to break the law by the President.

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Hush money was paid by private parties. Neither the campaign nor its finances was involved.

But the President didn’t know it was illegal. His lawyer, who he pays so that he doesn’t have to know the law himself, didn’t tell him it’s illegal. Donald Trump should sue Cohen into the ground.

He can say whatever he wants. That doesn’t make it so.

If it was money used to benefit a campaign then it was campaign money. If it wasn’t reported as campaign money then that’s ANOTHER legal problem.

According to Levin, Cohen’s actions weren’t illegal despite his plea.