I Think I Figured Out What Equity Really is

After reading this, I’m convinced all this push for ‘equity’ really isn’t about racism at all. It’s about lowering standards for human behavior, all to save money.

Is it really worth the savings to let people pee and poo wherever they wish?


Years ago, applying “lib logic”, corporal punishment was removed in schools for the same reason and did everything improve? These children became adults and applying “lib logic” a couple of years ago was to “defund the police” and did everything improve? This “lib logic” is more of the same so I’m going to ask, does anybody still believe things will improve?


If you can shop at local businesses how does that do Jeff Bezos any good?


What good came our corporal punishment in schools? There was corporal punishment on schools in 70s. How bad was criming in the 80s when those kids left school?

That sounds strangely like jealousy of someone’s succcess….

There was a discipline in the classroom that eliminated undisciplined distractions and allowed those there that came to learn, to learn.


There is still discipline in the classroom and without violence too. But i am sure you’ll post some link about some story about some school about some class being out of control

Hundreds of thousands of kids graduating elementary school middle school and high school each year in every state - probably all because there is no discipline in the classroom

They may be graduating but many, with degrees…are ill prepared. You’re aware of this…correct?


Spanking is the only effective form of discipline there is for children?


They changed it from a misdemeanor to a fine.

We can debate the impacts this is going to have, but if you pee or poop outside, is that really something that should be part of a criminal record attached to your name?

There’s that anecdotal back up to an argument. Feelings. That what you have. You feel like they need to be beaten into civility. Gross.

There it is. What were the numbers in the 70s. Won’t take you long to google that too

It’s not earned success when the government closes your competition and leaves you open. Strange to see liberals defend the largest transfer of wealth in history.

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I am not defending anything. Online retail is closing malls. The government has nothing to do with that.

Next time you defend unfettered capitalism re-reas your post.

Amazon exists because the conservative philosophy of unfettered capitalism (fewer taxes/fewer regulations) won in both parties in the 1980s-1990s.

Those two decades set up the world we know today.

Can’t recall ever supporting unfettered capitalism.

It can’t be only one sided. Both the parents and schools must be united in educating their children and that’s not happening.

What do you think free market means?

That has nothing to do with corporal punishment. Not even a little bit