I support Elizabeth Warren.She is on to something significant

Finally, a leading political voice calling for accountability. Especially one from the new left and a potential presidential candidate. Imagine this our first Native American female president. Furthermore a politician dedicated to the principle of accountability.
She wants to balance the budget, make sure only citizens vote in elections, find the 33k emails that were deleted, stop leaks, improve education, secure the borders, stop separating families, eliminate government corruption, apply and uphold standards of equal justice, make sure doj and fbi officials comply with legislative subpoenas, get rid of the congressional slush fund, act for the greater good and be held accountable, like a corporation.
She understands that the government is the largest institution in our capitalist country and wants to be held accountable. A Politician that understands that shareholders hold management accountable every day in the corporate world. Promises made must be kept or the share price will fall and management will be replaced. Now Senator Warren, our native American leader, wants the same standards applied to government programs.
Finally a politician that wants to be held to the same standards of review as a private citizen. I support Elizabeth Warren.

Just one question, people get to vote with their wallets everyday. The choose where they spend money and which companies they support. Does the senator support early termination for elected officials?