I see the Brits are behaving more and more like China each passing day

First they jailed Tommy Robinson and denied his rights of free speech, now they’re threaten Trump from meeting with Brexit founder Nigel Farage.

Interest development don’t you think?

What’s next for them?

Inquiring minds want to know. And is this what American libs have in store for America?

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I thought TrumpCons didn’t give a ■■■■ what Europe thought of us. You want them to butt out then maybe you should butt out of what they do.

I’m going to make a point of what hypocrites they are.

You have a problem with that?

Well seeing that China is financially and soon to be politically in charge if the world, I understand the Brits going with the winner

Nope. And I’ll point out what hypocrites you and your ilk are.

And you can’t wait can you…your hatred towards America is dully noted.

You can do whatever you want…it’s free country until you libs gain back control.

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I don’t live in England, so I could give a rats ass what they do.

I love America. I’m shocked at how trump has degraded it in such a short time and hin minions worship his every lie. You are the epitome of Unamerican. You want Ameriscam. You are right about the one thing that will make America great again, and thats the liberals being in charge again

Yeah…hang onto your authoritarianism.

Of course the only source for this reported “red line condition” is…Nigel Farage himself.

And the man is of course trustworthy and beyond reproach…

Maybe. We will see thou.

Maybe if you’d stop hanging out, spending your paycheck at Walmart…it wouldn’t go down that way?

You don’t live anywhere but where you do…why give a rat’s ass passed your rat ass?

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I heart this thread.

England is digging a hole for themselves and their populace is beginning to rise…in part due to Trump. You go Brits.

Yes, Tommy Robinson is a real folk hero. He’s like an English Richard Spencer.


You can disagree with what he says but…not his right to say it. Do you really not understand the importance of this premise? One day my friend, this same authoritarian force will turn against your rational opinion. It’s just a matter of time. You really do need to grasp this very important concept.

I understand what being on parole means, Smyrna.

Hero of the people!

Apologies for linking to The Sun.

What has Tommy Robinson done?
1982: Born in the working class town of Luton, Bedfordshire
2003: Robinson was fired from his engineering job at Luton Airport for punching an off-duty police officer during a drunken row
2009: He co-founded the English Defence League claiming the activist group was opposed to the spread of “militant Islam”.
2011: Robinson was convicted of using “threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour" during a 100-man fight between football supporters in Luton.
Following that conviction, he was ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and banned for three years from attending football matches.
In September, he was arrested again at an EDL demonstration in East London after being banned from attending the protest as part of his bail conditions.
While being held in custody at HM Prison Bedford, the controversial activist went on hunger strike reportedly claiming to be a “political prisoner of the state" while refusing to eat food he believed was “halal”.
He was released before his trial, but was then convicted of common assault on September 29, after headbutting an EDL member at an event in April in Blackburn in north west England.
Robinson was handed a 12 week sentence which was suspended for 12 months.
In November of that year, he was arrested at Fifa headquarters in Zurich after protesting a decision to stop the England football team wearing poppies on their shirts.
He was jailed for three days and fined £3,000.
2012: In October, Robinson was arrested after entering the United States illegally using another person’s passport.
2013: In January, he was sentenced to 10 months in jail for his passport fraud conviction.
On February 22, he was released but was ordered to wear an electronic tag.
2014: He was jailed for 18 months for committing mortgage fraud.
After being released on parole, he was recalled to prison in October 2014 for breaching the terms of his licence before he was scheduled to talk at the Oxford Union.
He was released again in November 2014
2017: Robinson was captured on film repeatedly punching a man in the head at Royal Ascot.
2018: The activist was banned from Twitter on March 28 for breaching the social media platform’s “hateful conduct” policy.
Robinson was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court on May 25.

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