I see gun grabbing libs suffered a big defeat today

SCOTUS rules 9/0 against Rhode Island that police should be allowed to enter homes without a warrant to seize people guns in name of “community caregiver functions”…red flag laws.

Too bad so sad.


They will just go the warrant route, which to be honest, IF they have enough to GET said warrant, it may actually be a valid situation.

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How could it have been any other way? To enter a home and seize property without a warrant?! Oh hell no.


I do not expect that many “gun-grabbing libs” will disagree with the Court in their decision in Caniglia v. Strom.

I’m pretty sure that we all agree on this.


Bull ■■■■■ Some of the proposed “gun control” laws include provisions with sheriffs being able to stop at someone’s home at any time to ensure firearms are being stored properly. Liberals didn’t care two ■■■■■ about that.


Do some proposals implicate all liberals?

Are you responsible for this guy?

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I haven’t seen ANY liberals decry those provisions.

You support those provisions?

Why should I be required to “decry”?

What “provisions”?

Why should I have to decry that guy in your picture then?

I’m a liberal and I support this decision.

You shouldn’t.

That’s my point.

The more, the merrier. Keep upholding those rights.

Sheriffs or law enforcement able to drop by at any time to ensure your firearms are stored properly.

Where is that the law?

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It’s been proposed in several states… I think Missouri democrats have proposed it. I’ll try to find more.

You’ll have to forgive me for not taking you at your word.

Do you have any links? Preferably to the proposed laws themselves, and not Op-eds about them.

I’m trying to find some… it was from at least a couple years ago… I remember discussing it on the board.

I can save you some time, and say that I almost certainly don’t agree with any “provisions” along the lines you’ve described, real or imaginary.