I Lost My Best Friend Today

I euthanized my cat pictured in the avatar. She had developed nerve damage from diabetes & her kidneys were going.

Realized she wasn’t climbing stairs & demanding the outdoor time she loved for about 6 weeks. One of those times, she came up on those little nerve damaged legs 4 times that day & indicated the kitchen door so she could get that supervised outdoor time. I like to think she came to enjoy it.

The few times she came recently, last one about 3 weeks ago, she insisted on being let in right away. Her mobility was compromised, as is mine, where care would be difficult to provide.

She meowed hoarse & didn’t hold down food yesterday, so I made the decision & scheduled today. They’re really nice at that veterinarian & he never condemned based on euthanasia he consented for his cat with kidney disease.

She went out quickly and In Peace with me holding & comforting her throughout the quick process. My daughter held her in the car on the way over & cried too.

Anabel is pain free and In Peace now, her little spirit can go any & everywhere it wants, whole & painfree. I’ll try to behave so I can meet up with her again someday.


Sorry to hear that. Emotional bond we have with pets is pretty intense.

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Thanks Conan. I’m crying in the grocery store parking lot even though I’m happy for her being released from pain.

I plan, God willing, to scatter her little ashes in the places she loved.

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Really sorry to hear that.

I have cried more over losing pets than I have for some people.

I understand completely the loss and sadness.

A little solace is that the pain is over and time passes, the happy memories with outlast the sad ones.

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I’m sorry to hear that. It’s always hard, but it sounds like your cat had a good life, which is all you can ask for.

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Sorry for your loss. Pets are family.

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You are all wonderful!

It was a very cold night last night, and I saw some little rabbits outside the kitchen window, around the tree Anabel loved, a mother & baby.

Maybe that’s the sign that everything is going to be alright, she’ll be whole again & in a wonderful place.

This one’s for you, kiddo!


I’m sorry to hear about your cat, Janet. May she rest in peace.

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I feel like the biggest lunatic on this board, Flame.

I woke up just five minutes ago to use the bathroom.

Realized that although she’s with God and He loves having her back, there’s a big hole in my heart and I miss her already.

I’m crying right now sad even though she’s free from diabetes related pain ■■■■■ you, diabetes).

And I promised her I’d behave myself so we could meet again. Want to catch up financially & make sure am healed physically of back & hip pain, wait at least six months, before looking to foster or adopt another cat.

Will continue to thank God for the time he blessed us with that gentle kitty, who loved both adults and kids she met.

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Hi Janet, sorry I missed this. So sorry for this difficult time, I know how much you loved that little kitty.

I lost both of my older kitties in the last 14 months, I still miss them and find myself looking for them.

Try to be happy you and she shared her life together, I know she had a wonderful life.

Take care of yourself.


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Sorry about your kitty.

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Sorry to hear about this. We can really develop strong bonds with our pets.

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Pets are 100% goodness. So sorry for your loss.

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Thank you all.

Right now I’m not ranting so much about death—she completed her circle of life.

Am just missing the companionship & unconditional love.

Perhaps it’s time to volunteer at a shelter or ask about fostering cats.


Had the first dream about my friend today since her final day on earth back in August.

I was in my scrubs & sneakers after work, but it was several hours before I would normally get home. Opened the garage door to get in the house.

She had a good space in the basement with the garage door normally closed, but the door leading from the basement into it normally open so she could eat, drink, and use the litter, come inside when she wanted.

I remembered in the dream I had to close the garage door so she wouldn’t get out. When I went to do that, she ran past me & up the stairs she hobbled up when she wanted outside.

It’s said a dream about one who has died means they’re communicating with you something. Maybe she’s communicating she’s whole & running free in the new life.

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