I know I am Conservative but Anti-vaxxers are starting to piss me off

Then who are you accusing me of calling deplorable?

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You© Your ilk.

You do it by implication all the time. That easy derision.

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So, are you accusing me, or other people?

Who are you claiming me, or other people, are deriding?

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Who are you claiming me and other people deride?

Who indeed.


And let us not forget that the rule of law, as well as science, is meaningless and irrelevant to those wanting to force a medical treatment upon those who decide differently, and do so for good cause.


The Democrat Party Leadership, once an advocate for hard working American citizens and their families, is now their worst nightmare.

From a trauma surgeon I follow on Quora:

Question: What made you angry today?

Her answer:

"Last night I took care of a drunk driver in a Hummer who mowed down children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly on city streets. Many of these people died. Others were maimed for life. He himself is only mildly injured and will recover fully.

When I asked him why he did it, he said:

“I knew that I wasn’t going to get hurt!”

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone!”

“There hasn’t been enough research to prove that driving sober is safe!”

“You can be sober and still get into car accidents!”

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

“I can’t be held responsible for all the people that can’t get out of my way!”

“It’s my right as an American to drink and drive!”

My own father is in the ICU because of this heartless, ignorant man. Yet he and his friends are still out on the streets today, running over people without a care in the world. And encouraging others to do the same!

He’s unbelievable. He’s an antivaxxer."

That is unbelievably offensive .

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You’re right. That behavior is offensive.

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Comparing that is offensive.


Sorry you feel that way. The anti-vaxx position offends me.

In the U.S., because of freedom of speech, you don’t have the right to not be offended.


Lol. Wonderful emotional plea. It’s not anyone’s duty to protect you from the virus, that’s the vaccine’s job.


Some people cannot be vaxxed- such as young children and the immunocompromised.

Also, keep in mind, because of the mention of her father, and this guy being intoxicated (people say crazy things when they’re drunk), this may actually have happened.

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Mites are on a chicken’s ass. Still a bad analogy.

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It’s idiotic. He could have just as easily been vaxxed. That is a ■■■■ analogy.

Catch covid to own the libz?

My understanding a lot of businesses are being FORCED into it because of what is likely an unconstitutional mandate from old Brandon. 700,000 dollar fine and all that.

As for a business such as venue for concerts and or airlines that might want to see my vaxx card it is my right to tell them to Shove It!

I have had the shots but will never show the card to any business demanding to see.

That is getting too close to a Papers Please authoritarian state of affairs(we can all remember certain dictatorships that required this for total control) and i will be no part of it.


It is absolutely your right.

And with that will come the consequence of missing the concert or flight. And I respect anyone who makes that choice and eschews the event on a matter of principle.

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Please present a link of this understanding.