I just had a post hidden by the Admin/Mods

It says I can review it and modify it in 10 minutes (to fix my inappropriate comment). I don’t know what it is yet but that’s really cool. It gives us a chance to step back, figure out what we did wrong, reword and not do it again.

And I assume there are demerits too. Otherwise someone could abuse the system forever.

What happen if someone quotes your post before it’s hidden?

It is possible that the post is automatically hidden if another user flags it, until an administrator reviews it.

Not sure, but that is a possibility.

It will be removed in some fashion I’m sure.

If we take action, and delete the post . . . a window pops up asking if we want to delete all quotes of it. Makes it easier than going through and trying to find all the quotes. Two clicks and BOOM they all gone.

Hey I keep seeing that 4 letter word for sex popping up now and then.

Wondering if this is still being addressed.

Also I think most of the time it isn’t intentional, figure the filter would get it.

We think we have it taken care of. The filter isn’t retroactive.


Should all be censored now

No action was taken other than deleted them since we’ve told posters for years just type it out and let the filter do it’s job . . .

Well @GWH fell down on the job

(just kidding gw . . . just kidding. Oh crap now I gotta watch my back . . . he’s gonna get me for this one)

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Great. Don’t want to see anyone get the axe.

Hey! I couldn’t remember where to find it to add the dirty words my virgin ears don’t even know!

If y’all see it, flag the post please. If it’s something we dropped the ball on, of course no one will be eating a TO.

We are all learning and growing together.

Don’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy as a kiss from Marcron?

Wipe that drool off.

all those ads I used to see about dating sexy moms have been replaced with ads for teaching your dog not to poop or pee in your house.

The ads are tailored to each individual’s particular kink. :wink:

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A post of mine was removed by moderators after being flagged for calling a so-called conservative a snowflake! Isn’t running to tell on someone the very definition of being a snowflake?!? :smirk:

Having a post removed/deleted doesn’t necessarily mean it was reported

There are scores of 4 letter words for sex. Which one are you talking about? :wink:

Are we supposed to trust the filter in this place, or will we get in trouble if a “bad” word we type (as instructed to do in the former Forum) shows up in the post?

I know if a post has a filtered word in it, and you quote it, the filtered word shows up unfiltered in quote in the reply box while you are typing so you can see it, but when you post your reply, it shows filtered again. I discovered that the other day when quoting and replying to a post with a filtered word.

Interesting. I have quoted posts with filtered words in them, but have not noticed whether the words show up in the reply box. I will have to make an effort to remember to look the next time. After all, all filtered words look alike when they are filtered. I would be fun to see if I could guess what word they used before I reply and give myself points if the words show up when I reply. :wink:

And a new Hannity Drinking Game has been invented!! LOL :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: