I just don't get this about the USA response to the Ukraine situation:

That is some seriously tortured logic right there.

you don’t think you can take offensive operations defending your country?

Didnt that happen with Russia and the Fins?



Nope, not at all. Apparently some of you have never served in the military and are letting emotion overcome logic here.

Yes Russian forces have invaded, BUT this convoy is sitting still, reasons why are irrelevant for THIS discussion. In this specific instance, these Russian troops are in a defensive posture (or should be), not ACTIVELY attacking. Any operation targeting THIS column is considered an offensive operation. This is the logic being used by those in the puzzle palace.

Notice I NEVER said I agreed with it, if I were the one making that call I would approve the transfer so they could wipe that column out.

inside Ukraine

I am not going to get into it with you, facts are clear. That convoy was not actively attacking, IF you read my last post I clearly stated that Ukraine should have been given the jets and taken that convoy out.

You’re wrong.

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If they had the planes they would be bombing that 40 mile convoy wouldn’t they?

Whatever dude, you have your opinion, I have mine.

And “offense” and “defense” have actual meanings.

There is no military theory ever written in which attacking a convoy of an invader in your own country is considered an offensive maneuver.


So when Zhukov drove the Germans back from Moscow, military strategists wouldn’t have called that an offensive?

Not being snarky…truly asking because when Zhukov attacked a lot of history books say that was the moment the Russians switched from defense to offense.

I would agree that if all the Ukrainians did was blow up the Russian convoy that wouldn’t necessarily be an offensive…not unless they followed it up with an attack to drive the Russian forces out of Ukraine.

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Not gonna waste my time, waiting on the cryptic posts now

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Yea, when one initiates the action, one is on the offensive. When one is being actively attacked one is on the defensive. So tell me, was that column sitting still, or attacking.

PRETTY sure they were static, so hitting them with air power is ummmm an offensive operation.

You’d think so right??

Instead he’s asking for more planes, which he knows will be even more provocative, all the while his air force remains intact and takes no action.

It’s a question worth asking of someone.

You can hear anything i guess but what i am hearing on the radio is that the Russians took out the planes while still on the ground.

If so and we give them planes they will take those out on the ground as well.

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On their own damn soil? Eff that.

As Jay posted earlier, during WWII Russian forces went on the OFFENSIVE to drive German forces out. Do you also disagree with calling that an offensive??

You are letting your emotions to cloud your logic.
As I have said, I wish it had been approved so they COULD take the fight to them.

Waiting on the “you support Russia” posts…