I hope to God and for the sake of our Republic that Trump is corrupt and removed from office!

Because if he is not corrupt then the rest of our government is.

The best possible case for America is that Donald J trump is corrupt and guilty as charged.

IF, on the other hand , he is exonerated again we have a problem with the Obama Administration, The DOJ, FBI, CIA, DOD, State department, DNC, Democratic party, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and all the other democrats that have spoken against TRump.

IF trump is not guilty, they are guilty.

Best Case it is only Trump that is a crooked deviant. Worst case is that he is not and all the others are.

What will you consider trump being exonerated? A vote in the senate?

You consider this being exonerated?

“Since 2008, the Trumps haven’t donated their own money, but solicited donations from others.
Among other things, Trump used the money for his 2016 campaign, to pay off business creditors, settle legal claims against Mar-A-Largo, and buy a painting of Mr. Trump.”

Hm, who the believe, the combined intelligence agencies under multiple Presidents, or the guy who lies 20 times a day about everything from the obvious to the established fact and throws giant tantrums on Twitter.

Decisions, decisions…


if twenty members of the mafia said the preacher did it and the preacher said i would do no such thing who would you believe. I know you love the crooks

I would consider an investigation saying that the IC abused its power and committed criminal conspiracy an exoneration. As we do not know what the investigations will show, nor why they have been delayed,
would you consider the smoking gun in another hand enough evidence to say the guy accused did not commit the crime?

Next week’s hearings will be public. Maybe after seeing and hearing all of the evidence, perhaps will make up your mind if trump is exonerated or not.
In the meantime:

The evidence is overwhelming that fat donald is corrupt as they come:

Kent testified that Trump wanted Zelensky to not only mention the word “Bidens” in his announcement of investigations, but also specifically the word “Clinton” when referring to 2016.

Kyle is back! Scott Stedman’s Army is on DEFCON 9!

I, long ago, stopped expecting our Presidents to be ‘good people’, understanding that folks of diminished character can be exemplary leaders. However, there are degrees to this. I can tolerate a lot of Trump’s human weaknesses as I did/do with my Dem Presidents. But, in the end, it’s Trump’s utterly unplanned, improvisational, unstudied, undisciplined and personally reactive approach to leadership that disqualifies him for me. Stormy, as reckless as it is, is none of my business. Incoherence combined with reactive, incessant dishonesty is. In the end, I would hope a verdict will be rendered upon him and his Presidency at the polling booth. But that train has…

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We have many cells operating in this country to undermine this president and our Constitution. They are all tied together.

They need to be exposed, and if guilty of sedition…hung from lamppost.

You didn’t just equate Donald to a preacher. :rofl:

Unless you’re equating him to Paula White?


Trump is so corrupt he doesn’t even know he’s corrupt but why do you want America to have to go through this I wonder ? Obama is whistle clean by the way

Tulsi Gabbard:

"This message and this warning that’s come from Hillary Clinton as well as her proxies and the foreign policy establishment elite in Washington that says if you stand up against them, if you dissent, if you, as I am, are calling for an end to our country’s long-held foreign policy of being the world’s police, toppling dictators in countries we don’t like, if you do that then your character will be smeared, just as they are trying to smear my character and undermine my campaign.”

I just posted this elsewhere, but this seems the more appropriate place.


Are you comparing Donald Trump to the leader of a church?

Not entirely inaccurate, really.


and if the GAO finds he did nothing wrong is it over?

And if hes found guilty is it just the deep state,?

If he’s found guilty then there will have had to have been enough evidence to convince the Senate that he was guilty. I will accept that.
If he is found not guilty, will you accept the result?
That’s the question we used to hear before Mueller’s report came out.

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Depends on what you mean by being found guilty? 2/3 of senate is a high threshold. If 51 find him guilty what does that say? I among many people dont really think trump was exonerating from the mueller report. If it was a truly independent council not beholden to trumps doj and barr I think it would have turned out a little differently

Clinton was CODE for 2016.

Now we need code breakers to translate the secret bunker testimony series.

Just trying to keep up with my pea sized brain.