I Have A Question About "Vigilante"

I don’t know about that…an armed man followed her home…

Leaving out something here

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I do think showing up with an AR rifle to a riot is provoking and a chaotic move.

Not that I would be at a riot, but if I saw someone dressed like Kyle, with the vest and gloves, and the rifle, I can easily imagine myself assuming he was an active shooter. Particularly after he fired shots…

And let’s remember, he didn’t achieve anything there except putting himself in a position that required him to shot three people in self defense. IOW, yes, it was provoking. He provoked a handful of people who he then shot.

Had kyle not brought the gun, he wouldn’t have been attacked. He wouldn’t have had to kill anyone.

The same can be said of the woman. It obviously provoked. And she is dead now because of it.



No? Was he originally attacked for carrying the gun or trying to stop the arson?

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Woman walks into a bar wearing a miniskirt…

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Because we have a ■■■■ ton of mass shooting events in this country and that puts people on edge.

And really, ■■■? Why go out there with a gun? 17 yo kid…it really makes no sense…

Self fulfilling prophesy really.

Because that is a plausible explanation for what you are seeing.

If we wasn’t carrying a gun, I don’t think he would have been attacked. Of course we don’t know for sure what was in the mind of the dead guys. But that is true of the guy who had his arm blown off.

One difference being, you have to wear clothes. You don’t have to carry a gun.

Actually we don’t, but I understand why you believe that.

Because there was chaos. What difference does 17 make? What’s better about a 21 year-old?

Where were all the 30+ year old cops?

The riot prophesy.

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That is a conditioned response. Pavlov’s dog salivating.

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He was attacked for trying to stop the arson. Your conclusion makes no sense.

No, we really do have a lot of mass shootings. An incredible amount.

No, we really don’t. “Mass shootings” is meaningless as a term. In order to have meaning, you have to break it down into one of at least 3 categories.

Or you could stop listening to TV Man.

I just think in a society with a lot of guns….you have a lot of gun deaths.

And if you empower people to be vigilantes, you’ll have even more.

I don’t know….

Anywho, heading outside to enjoy the day off.

Have a good one! Don’t buy too much ■■■■ today!

We have an incredible amount of gun deaths. Sorry but that’s just the truth.

Maybe the cops should do their jobs.

You have been conditioned to believe that.

Why would you feel that armed law abiding citizens mean more “gun deaths”? Is that logical?

The fascinating thing to me is how much it matters to some people how they are murdered.

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