I Have A Question About "Vigilante"

People on a internet message board explaining what people in real life should have done.

The man she tried to gunfight.

The occasion.

The challenge.

The situation she created.

When Karenism goes wrong.


She shouldn’t have pulled a gun on someone who was a better gunfighter.

Your fee fees?

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It takes you two tries to post your response?

Lol. No concern about right or wrong…. Ok then.

Not just threatened, but would a reasonable person in her situation feel threatened for their life or serious injury. You don’t just say “I felt threatened”. You have to convince the jury that a person would reasonably feel threatened in your situation.
No problem with Rittenhouse, once the videos were shown.
Big problem in her situation.

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In a gunfight?


It’s not even remotely the same.

What do you mean by “it”?

Will do. :wink:

She wasn’t carrying one, she went into her house and got one. But it’s a damned good thing for the biker, that he was carrying one.

Yep … in spite of the fact that she was the aggressor in the original incident.

Which has to do with the law. And which you would recognize if you would familiarize yourself with the law.

This woman bringing a gun outside, Rittenhouse bringing a gun to a riot.

This is an interesting question/clarification. What are your thoughts?

Is that where the provocation starts in either case?

Does the act of “bringing a gun” in and of itself “provoke”? If so, why?

In either case, you only mentioned on party “bringing a gun”, ignoring that there were other guns.

Yeah. I agree it’s an interesting question. And a hard one to answer.

Fair point that others had guns.

I’d really like to flesh this out but thanksgiving starting here!

Have a nice holiday everyone!!!

There is no comparison as to the circumstance of those two incidents. Rittenhouse was carrying to be prepared for lethal danger, and this woman was the lethal danger.