I have a problem with this - Border Patrol

“Ma’am, the reason I asked you for your ID is because I came in here and I saw that you guys are speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of up here,” O’Neill said in the video.

He needs to read the Constitution over and over until he has it memorized - in a jail cell.

The agency is seeking to dismiss the lawsuit, and a hearing is scheduled for Oct. 2. Attorneys for the agency say it has sovereign immunity against any damage claims, and that because the women were only stopped once after living there for years, there’s no evidence there’s any threat of it happening again to them.

I hope a judge crushes them.

This is unacceptable. Good on them for suing and standing up for themselves.


There is no sovereign immunity defense against any civil rights breach.

And this is blatant enough that qualified immunity should fall as well.

This is another argument for ending qualified immunity once and for all.


You and I both know that isn’t going to happen.

Stupidity knows no bounds.

If that idiot did any flying fishing on Madison river he would hear German, French and other language as well. Because people come from all over the world to fly fish those rivers.

What a ■■■■■■■ idiot he is.

It’s a necessary evil.

I will simply politely agree to disagree on this point. :smile:

They are. Immunity is not.

As for the community reaction, rural Montana is a haven for nativists and white supremacists. Not much you can do about it, unless they actually commit a crime.

A government official can take some undefined action with the absolute most up to date information available to all of humanity and still be wrong. There has to be some leeway for that.

There are entire police departments in parts of the country rounding up people who look or speak a certain way. Unfortunately, this is becoming more widespread than people realize. It doesn’t help that the “othering” and dehumanizing of Hispanics has been openly encouraged from the very top of our government.


Well they’ve got company.

I am as white as white can get and I speak Spanish. It’s my first language. I never thought it possible I would be harassed as a result. Is it a skin color thing or just a language thing?

Oh well…what you gonna do

No there aren’t.

Tell that to the police department that kept arresting this one black guy at work.

So nobody else has a problem with this?

I have at lest some doubt as to the credibility of the allegations. That being said if true there should certainly be some disciplinary action taken against the BP agent.

Within 100 miles of the border though they have broad authority to stop people and inquire as to their status.

Not worth it.

Purely baseless BS.

If the case is as the article states, then yes it is a problem.

There are bigots in every walk of life. And when found out they should be dealt with accordingly and not brushed under the rug.

That said. In today’s environment I’m incredibly leery of any stories about the border patrol.