"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr



Show your work.

The murder rate (murders per 100,000 people) in the Bronx last year was 5.2.


There are zero values that 2018 cons have with MLK. You can’t name one. Additionally 1965 cons only had one thing in common with MLk… that is Christian values.


I posted the stats dude. Twice. You are simply hiding your eyes from it.
From that very link I posted twice.


MLK’s legacy is a myriad of things. Not just one item carefully selected.


No, you posted a page from a website that sells real estate.

Let’s see actual crime stats.



Libs are in serious denial


Wonderful. Actual numbers.

Now, do you know how many people live in the Bronx?


And you live where?


I speak from first hand knowledge. Where do you get your information?h


And you sound like someone who likes people “drinking alcohol in public, urinating or littering” by your home.


New York…


You sound like a typical Con, afraid of thier own shadow.


Let’s see if the mods are going to allow pressing for personal information like that.


With armed security along the march routes out of sight. :wink:


…yeah… puddles of piss in my neighborhood would frighten me.


We are not talking about street crime, we are talking about organized pollical intimidation and crime such as assault in public places, disturbing the peace, trespassing as well as violent mobs all based in political opposition.

Republicans don’t do that…Democrats do that!


I guess we’re forgetting when a band of conservatives armed themselves and took over a government facility.


I guess the answer to that is no.


plus there’s a 50/50 chance that it came from a guy which makes it gay.


Afraid of urine. What a world of fear our friend Ishie must live in.