"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


mlk legacy is not his views in economics

try and stay relevant now. i know you really want to look smart


MLK legacy is civil disobedience.
the same thing Maxine Waters is calling for.


lol. Way to reduce his legacy down to race. Real MLK of you.


It became so after the efforts of Mayor Giuliani, a Republican. Before that, the democrats turned it into a real ■■■■ hole.


I have a keen understanding if a bunch of Black Nationalist took over a Federal building by armed force people here would not be calling it a “Good thing” like they did when a bunch of White people did it last year.


How long has Rudy been out of the picture?


His legacy is streets in the worst neighborhoods of every city in this country named after him.


Long enough for it to start turning into a ■■■■ hole again.


Chris Rock want his joke back.


spoken like someone who has never been there.


Congratulations on remembering a Chris Rock joke from 20 years ago.



Rudy gets credit for doing a good job but the City has continued to get better after his departure. If you think otherwise you are misinformed.

Even the worst neighborhoods have become very desirable places to live.


Clearly so…


Like the Bronx. Right. Enjoy the doobie.


Isn’t that were all the Hipsters live?


So the night when she said she would “take out” Trump that night, she was talking about “civil disobedience”. Sure.


Why you think she meant she was going to physically fight him?


Yup, like the Bronx. You really don’t a have a clue.




she clearly meant she was going to assassinate him.