"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


Not all democrats are elected, and you did not specify.


Show me a major democrat leader elected or non elected preaching violence.


It truly is sad. I live south of there…and I get up there every once in a while. It bothers me that a place that 50 years ago…was so alive and vibrant. My Grandma used to take us downtown from where they lived and we could walk 20 to 30 blocks and never run into any problems. Now I bet in your list of fun things to do while in Gary it showed you Michael Jackson’s house and the Genesis Center. That’s about it. And when you go to either…do it in the day time.


I’m sure Reverend King wanted Caesar to provide for everyone…


“cons” today echo what his teachings were


My blood is as red as his was. My bond with his vision is stronger than yours apparently. I will read for myself what he stood for. Socialism was a means to an end…nothing more. His vision -what he stood for - was that people would not be judged by the color of their skin. If you think otherwise, you have been bamboozled by the new narrative.


Yet the entire concept of the Trump administration is judging people by the color of their skin. Odd.


You just posted a false statement. That is verbatim from the left’s narrative.


His vision was more then a line from one speech.


What about his vision of a world where the poor were not forced to suffer because of Classism?


Some, I suppose, are good people.


No it wasn’t. Go peddle the narrative elsewhere. I am sure I was reading his speeches and writings before you could even talk.


Forced redistribution of wealth to poor white and black neighborhoods? That doesn’t sound like a conservative position to me.


Your basing what MLK stood for based on a single line from one speech, he stood for more then that.
MLK would be standing with Maxine Waters not Trump.

Trump is the embodiment of everything MLK was against.


So you can read the narrative.


MLK was known to reflexively defend white supremacists as well.


I can read his own word.

MLK was about lifting people out of poverty, about making America a society in which class, race, religion, etc where not important because we are all human.

You can’t ignore everything but race and claim victory.


When he kneeled, he kneeled in prayer… not protest.

When he protested, he marched with the American flag.

Like libs always do, you have completely rewritten history to suit liberal lies.


Ever heard of NYC?

It’s probably as safe, or safer, than much of Conservitopia.


and Maxine waters isn’t calling for violence, she is calling for civil disobedience the same thing MLK called for.