"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


He had a dream that many conservatives embrace. His methods of achieving that dream are of secondary importance in assessing his value as a social warrior.


high paying jobs in cutting edge fields? Yeah sounds pretty good. Just gotta build some houses and more actively manage the market.


MLK was a 4 at best. woof.


Apparently not high enough. Everything has a price… even scarce housing. Those with “high pay” can’t seem to afford the price.


So, more of what’s been happening there for decades. Do the same thing, expect different results. That makes sense.


King was an outspoken Socialist.


King was an out spoken socialist, I doubt any Republican would want to live in his Dream of America.


no Democrat have advocated violence.


So am I, when my bank account gets low


His dream ("…content of their character")is different than his eventual recommended means to achieve his dream (socialism).

We embrace his dream but believe there are better and more effective methods of achieving that dream. You are reading off the narrative’s teleprompter because you fear that a conservative embrace of MLKJR will weaken your tired old claim that conservatives hate black people.


The irony of red hatters claiming they share an ideology with Dr. King when they worship a man who literally judged women by their attractiveness for a living.


Yeah, conservatives are super bipolar when it comes to MLK and Lincoln. They forget all the socialist programs MLK supported and can never decide between “REPUBLICAN freed the slaves” and “Lincoln’s executive tyranny.”


I think he would support Maxine Watters call for people to group together and push back…to protest what they see. Maxine Watters never said to get violent. She said to get heard, to push back and not let these people in the administration continue to do what they have been doing. I see nothing violent with that.

Just like I see nothing wrong with NFL players not standing for the National Anthem. I mean what is the objective of a protest? If you are protesting something don’t you want to call attention to that. Last I heard is that as American’s we have the right to protest. And what Collin Kaepernick has done is to create an appropriate, non violent, peaceful protest to something he saw and many see as a social injustice. How do you call attention to something in a peaceful manner. You do something in the national spot light.

I do not believe for one second Kaepernick’s actions are meant to disrespect the nation, or one member of the military that served it. His actions were done to call attention to a national issue. It worked didn’t it. Ask the city of Chicago how protests like this work, to create disruption of the status quo and create attention to an issue.

I don’t think King would have had an issue with what Watters said or did. It wasn’t a call to violence. It was a call to protest. Protests do not have to be violent to accomplish their objective.


Just more Trump Kool Aid you’ve been drinking. Republican Cities and Democrat cities face the same issues.


Gary Indiana is yet another example. Steel industry was all that town knew. The industry fell apart in the mid to late 70s and never recovered. It took the city with it. Vacant homes, vacant businesses and store fronts up and down Broadway…the main drag. What used to be a wonderful city to live in…is now one of the murder hot spots in the nation. Mayor after mayor after mayor has tried to fix it. It takes money to fix a city…and if no one lives there…there’s no tax base. If there is no tax base, you can’t make the change. Your point is well taken @MichaelScarn.


I think Gary is the most depressing place I’ve ever driven through. As a joke I looked it up on trip advisor to find the fun things to do and it was just sad. Seriously if you google image Gary all you get are pictures of dilapidated buildings. It’s really unfortunate what happened to so many rust belt cities.


People who can move out, leave the poor are stuck with no escape no jobs turn to crime and drugs to cope.


That’s not true.


Show me the Quote in which an elected Democrat Has called for violence.


Trying to separate the words from the man won’t work. You don’t quote MLK without taking what MLK stood for.