I hate to say it but Putin may be the only rational authoritarian with a brain

Focus on the real world

He is. They have avoided inflation that comes with the devaluing of a currency like Turkey is currently experiencing. They had some of course but nothing in the realm of crazy. They raised pensions etc. of course none of this is anywhere near enough but the pretense is there.

Ultimate TRICKLE down

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Are you feeding the poor?

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Whats imagined in that post?

Ya right

Yes with every paycheck. Every purchase. Every form of ascension to wealth.

Most all politicians steal.

We have entered the “I am rubber, you are glue” portion… and all to make Vladimir Putin look good.


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What ever

This is hilarious.

Crazy how well the decades of propaganda has worked.

Ya right what?

Who is Mikhail Khodorvsky

Ya right.

Ya right what?

Who is Boris Berezovsky

Putin… he may be a monster that disappears people, rules the country with an iron fist, has crushed all dissent and has built perhaps the largest kleptocractic criminal regime to ever exist… But… he loves Mother Russia!!!

Great argument.

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ty prav


I thought you were saying yeah right!

Depends on the definition of monster.

Putin is a Bond villain.

The Old Bond or New Bond?

Define Monster in such a way that Vladimir Putin is excluded.