I hate to say it but Putin may be the only rational authoritarian with a brain

Listening to Putin, he appears to make sense. And, his new weapon seems to be on the mark.

For sure, Word Salad Biden is asleep at the wheel and his puppet masters are worthless

I don’t think Putin wants war with the west.

PS I do not support Russia or Putin. However he seems to be a real leader, regardless of how much I am opposed to socialist or communists. I figured libs would have good things to say because it seems like (progressive) libs like Bernie and AOC would like to see a socialist Amerika and one world government.

Only thing libs see is Orange Man bad and defund common sense.

Putin isn’t a communist.

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Ok. He is is an authoritarian.

You mean the way he manipulated the system, to become a forever dictator? Or maybe the way he either killed or locked up his political opponents?

He is the head oligarch of a kleptocratic regime.

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Tearing down any media that opposed him worked out well for him.

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He is a Russian Nationalist and loves his country. He is a socialist I suppose. He joined the communist party but marches to his own drum.


The way he attacked the press, (in some way literally) was masterful. Authoritarians are very good at that.

Others have tried and failed.

Well don’t lecture me about corrupt media. America is full of fake news.

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You supposed wrong.

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His approval ratings are part snd parcel based in the way he speaks.

It doesn’t reflect the reality of the Russian state though

An oligarch eliminating or vanishing other oligarchs is hardly a socialist

Putin is in it for Putin. If he loved his country he and his cronies wouldn’t be robbing the place blind for decades.

You see how easy it is to get people on board with it?


I think he truly loves his country but in Russia nationalism and stealing from your countrymen are not mutually exclusive


It’s almost like the Russian Mafia and the Russian Government are the exact same thing.

Fair enough.

It is odd how the propaganda machine has worked so well for Putin over the past few decades.

It is wild that a for real James Bond Villain would be tempered with “Welll… he loves his country”

Bonkers even.

Best way to Think of it as Escobar feeding the poor. Same premise. Though in this case he is not even spending his own money to do it

Is he even feeding the poor?

As far as I can see he is using the Church Orthodoxy to make it okay to hate certain people