I finally gave in to the pressure . . .

Last 3 or 4 days I’ve been getting posts shared to me on social media, messages, texts, and some just asking why I wasn’t using my 3D printer to “help in this time of crisis”.

I’ve been studying it, looking into it. Knowing the way 3D printing works – the layer lines are a good place for bacteria to get into and hide.

Well this morning they finally broke me. Printed up one mask to take to the powers that be to see if will actually do them any good. If it does, they said they will purchase me some filament to my printer can start running non stop making them.

I used some kleenex to make sure both parts fit together correctly.

If you have a 3D printer, here is where you can download the files from.



Dats pretty neat yo… wonder if they would be washable

Where can one get N-95 grade plastic meltblown non-woven fabric to use as a filter?

:+1::clap::clap: Props Snow. That is awesome


The EMS services has a supply of them, they cut a single mask into 6 for these. Just explained to me for routine calls, this 1/6th of a mask will last about three days. Bad calls, it will be a one time use.

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That’s pretty cool.