I feel like my post may have been shadow banned, I'd like to know why?

It was a bit disappointing when I made a post, eager to have a well spirited debate on the topic of comparing alcohol legalization to marijuana. Seriously, I had sourced many NIH/CDC reports to back up my argument. I wanted to get others opinions on this. After posting…nothing. No clicks, views or replies. It has been hours and it was on the front page. If I did something wrong, that is fine. I would like to know what it is I did wrong so I can correct it. Can an admin please message me about this?

Most people have been sleeping the last 5-6 hours.


I understand, I just wanted to make sure. I was worried the topic may have just hit something with the filters. I appreciate the reply!

Your post is up for everyone to see, I show it’s been up a total of 1 hour.

Not a hot button topic, but as the day goes one someone may see it and take an interest.

ETA: Show it’s had 61 views.

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I want to thank you for the reply, you have been very helpful!

The debate is over dude. Only thing you gotta do is “Smoke Up.”