I Don't Agree With This at All. Twitter Threatening to Suspend People For Wishing Harm on the President

Let it stay up. They’ve allowed similar sentiments about Trump and others for years. I don’t get it.

Leave it up, please. It’s both telling and fair.


I agree. Leave it. Stop the censorship

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Since when do they give a crap about censoring the vile ■■■■ being said about Trump and Republicans/Conservatives?

Don’t worry about bad taste and blowback now twitter.

People want to be jerks about this let them. I personally am not going down that road. I wish the President and the First Lady all the best. I will not engage in negativity.

It’s inappropriate and I wonder if it can be considered threats to be traced out by the Secret Service.

You can’t use the nickname for Richard in that context. Fix it please.

No, it can’t. Those aren’t threats.


I thought the filter had it.

It’s their terms of service. If people are wishing death upon the president, I can see why they’d ban them even though it speaks to those individuals character and exposes them.

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40 percent of democrats are either somewhat happy or happy that Trump has Covid.

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Thank you.

Not surprised. I don’t want him to die, but people who lack empathy need to learn the hard way. I hope he survives and this is a wake up call

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Why should twitter be different than other platform with rules for postings, even rules people find unfairly enforced?

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Thanks for the heads up!

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All those gleeful cheers and wishes for death ought to bring in a lot of democrat votes.

Make it a felony and take away the right to vote. Fine them $500,000 and pay for the wall. Make them build the wall on a chain gang. Installment payments.

They are the tyrants and terrorists. Take away their names and genders, sterilize them and give them a number—That’s all they want anyway.

Geez, there is no hope for this country. I just saw were the CCP media was putting out headlines happy about it as well. I guess the bat eaters who locked up over a million minorities in China have a little in common with 40%of the country.

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Twitter agrees with these posters but they can’t be that obvious so this is their fake virtue signaling.

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