“I don’t have to Prepare much”

Yep, let’s just wing world peace, see how that goes.



What in the world could possibly go wrong here?

Oh my god…

Has to be the epitome of Trump derangement syndrome… Being against de-nuking NK and laughing at those trying. wow!

Being concerned that millions of lives potentially hang in the balance, and the President is planning on just winging it, rather than dutifully studying the issues, ensuring his entire administration is on the same page, allowing all key members of his Cabinet to weigh in, is somehow deranged in thought? Man, you’ve lost it.

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Nice projection…

Projection of what? That reply makes no sense in response to my post that it is far from being deranged to have concerns over the lack of preparedness being displayed by Trump and his administration.

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Dunning-Kruger President.


Very much so. But so far, it totally works for him and the people who like him. :slight_smile:

You can both support a move towards peace and be exceedingly concerned about the people on our side doing the negotiating.


Imagine a general going in to a major battle saying he doesn’t need to prepare, it’s just about willingness to get things done. I bet that would have worked great for D-Day.

“Nobody knew healthcare could be so difficult”

“Tradewars are easy to win”

“I have an amazing brain”

Trump brought NK to the table… Let’s see if he gets more results.

A mountain collapsing brought NK to the table. Trump did nothing of consequence differently than past admins.

Nope. NK brought trump to the table.


You could have NK de-nuke, and Korea re-unify they would still be deranged. Kind of like getting tax cuts, ending the mandate, record employment, and a great stock market being hated.

Trump has never been held responsible or accountable for his actions. What he has learned over his lifetime, is he can pretty much do anything he wants, and with his wealth, he is able to lawyer his way out, and/or just pays people off.

I truly hope, he is held accountable as POTUS. What is truly sad, is his lack of respect for the office of POTUS. His actions and comments, indicates he believes he is above the office. And that should scare the hell out of everyone.


Perfect TDS…

“I don’t think I have to prepare very much. It’s about attitude.”

Ah, the Trump doctrine has been formalised.

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I sure Kerry did lots of homework…lol! I guess that’s why even senators on his side hated the iran “deal”