I deeply regret my actions. Now shut up you STUPID PEASANTS!

Now that the completely non-dictatorial Libs have managed to get their totally fair, equal, tolerant, benevolent Utopia set up to begin, I wonder if their “Dear Leaders” commands regarding Thanksgiving give them any indication of what’s to come under Sock Puppet Biden and Comrade Kamala.

“We’re not authoritarian” Libs proclaim, or hypocrits either, yet thanks to some brave freedom fighters, we have on camera what said leaders actually think of the rules they pass and intend to somehow enforce on their fellow comrade citizens who so sheepishly vote them into power.

These champions of liberty, in caring so much about NOT spreading Covid have made proclamations: You may NOT get your hair done, hair salons will NOT be allowed to open says Lori Lighfoot and Nancy Pelosi as they’re taped getting their hair done, in salons they had open just for themselves, while NOT WEARING MASKS! If you do “YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!”

You may not engage in outdoor public activities says Governor Whitmer or YOU WILL BE ARRESTED! Said as her husband is demanding he be allowed to take HIS boat out…

You may NOT dine in restaurants says Governor Cuomo as Chris Cuomo is filmed dining in a restaurant, with a group of friends with NO SOCIAL DISTANCING OR MASKS WORN!

You may not gather outside in groups declares MAYOR LORI or you will be arrested, as she’s filmed at a Biden
celebration rally WITHOUT A MASK!

You may NOT have more than 6 people together indoors on Thanksgiving without wearing a mask, even in your own home AND social distancing says Gavin Newsome as he’s filmed at an expensive restaurant with a large gathering of friends with NO SOCIAL DISTANCING OR MASKS BEING WORN!

And now, threat of 30 days in jail and/ or a 1250 dollar fine for violating the Thanksgiving order!!

What say you all you non authoritative, non hypocrits Libs? Is this what we can expect from our new Lib Overlords come January?


Sounds good to me.


Then get out there, have everybody over for thanksgiving with no masks or social distancing and put us all in our place!


Report back and tell us how Thanksgiving went.

In the mean time… :mask:


Most Democrat voters prefer everything you’ve just described, because they don’t care. They revere their hypocrites.


Most, if not all, politicians are hypocritical regardless of their political alignment. Hell, I’ll extend that to everyone. Pretty much everyone is a hypocrite… especially parents.


This is indeed the failure of our time…the leadership not setting an example.

We think of our grandparents/great-grandparents as the Greatest Generation, yet when rations came in World War II, people chafed at them, and a lively black market sprang up (it was estimated a quarter of the meat bought during the war years was bought and sold on the black market).

But what made them follow the ration rules, by and large, was the messaging (yes, the propaganda) and leaders willing to set an example, and yes, occasionally, coercion.

People chafe when asked to sacrifice for a greater good when the threat doesn’t seem all that real (even now, maybe only 15% of our population has gotten COVID since it started…meaning there’s a reasonable chance you don’t know anyone that has it).

When leaders refuse to message properly, the odds of it happening are almost nil.

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Those who see wearing masks and other prevention measures as a violation of their basic rights should try something new on Thanksgiving. Go door to door (maybe lawn to lawn) of those who have had friends or family die of COVID-19. Show them that although their loved ones have died, neither COVID-19 or “libs” will stop them from showing their faces, standing as close together as they’d like, or going where they please.


There are those who need to look for someone to lead them. Obey without question.

I find that immensely sad.


Many have proved when left to their own devices, they will act poorly, so…you be the judge.

You just described human nature

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Thing is? I’m not wanting to be the judge.

Are you?


It’s an observation, not a judgement.

No, I just described sheeple.


Not the question I asked.

You also described Trump supporters.

Like the Trump supporter at one of his rallies who said he would have worn his mask, but he saw no one else was so he left his in the car…

:rofl: :rofl:

No that’s free thinking.

Is that the dude that said he isn’t a sheep… then when asked about why he isn’t wearing a mask he said “because no one else was”

Yep. That’s the one.

And all the ones that just KNEW what was in the Mueller Report and when asked if they read it, they said they didn’t have to- the talk media pundits…and Trump… told them what was in it.

Trump. Arrrrrgggg.

Standard fall back.