I believe Steve King should be censured


That’s nice but not the same thing as claiming he was misquoted.


Again, where is he saying he was misquoted?

He’s quite explicitly avoiding claiming that. I guess he learned after the last time he lied about being misquoted and tape turned up.


Even conservative Ben Shapiro knows.


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Thank you!


As a proud Iowan, King supports southern heritage.


To add, if you’re at a windows keyboard, you can use the ansi character numbers for en and em dashes.

Press Alt plus the following on the numeric keypad.

Alt + 0150 = en dash, –
Alt + 0151 = em dash, —

The two have been burned into my memory for more years than I care to admit. No need to look around symbols or other typography for them.


On a Mac, if you hold option and hit “-”, you’ll get an en dash. Shift+Option “-” will give an em dash.


Saying Western Culture is a pretty nebulous thing.

For a good part of the early 20th century, Western Culture was doing it’s damndest to blow up everything that it could.

So… what does one actually mean by, Western Culture”?

Also understand that a crtitique of the failings of “Western Culture” is not a rejection of the whole.

This isn’t an all or nothing thing.


It is a rare day that I find myself on the same side as Ben Shapiro.

This just shows how much of a no brained this is.

There is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain for everybody to put Steve King in a corner with a dunce’s hat.

Maybe he could use that pointy hood he probably has in the closet.


The weirdest part about the last couple years is that the one thing we could all agree on on this forum for years was that white supremacists were ■■■■■■■■■ Like, hi, we’ve noticed your change in tone.


So it hasn’t always been this way? With most rational posters opposing this type of behavior, and another trying to deflect, defend, or obfuscate their way around it?


Nope. Didn’t really start until 2016 and didn’t really get like crazy offensive until Charlottesville.


That is wild. Trump has fried people’s brains apparently. Or allowed their masks to finally come down.


yup. over and over we hear Cons moaning and crying about GOP being unfairly labeled as racist, or enablers and yet every single time the GOP is given an ridiculous easy way to distances itself it does ■■■■ like this


Western Culture is a moving target.

Western Culture includes the Irish…didn’t used to.
Includes the Italians…didn’t used to
Includes the Polish…didn’t used to
Includes the Jewish…sometimes


No…tho must confess, it wasn’t even a topic we talked about…even using the word “Nazi” could get you in trouble. I got a time out once for calling the new Pope “Pope Adolph” even tho he’s clearly been a Nazi Youth when he was young.


Must have been a great school that never taught you about western culture… Ever heard of Voltaire?


Why Mr. Scott continues to associate with that horrible party and its horrible people is beyond me.


I heard he lived in Venezuela.