I believe Steve King should be censured


Not by the Fake News.



It’s time for you to just give up.


I will never stop fighting for my country.


Good for you.

Are you going to continue fighting for your abject ignorance of punctuation marks? That seems like a weird hill to die on.


No, it’s not. Stop.


Then provide the entire quote, and prove me wrong.


Nope…never used for that except to denote a “tail off” when relating informal dialogue.

As in “Could you please take out the tra-- oh never mind! I’ll do it myself”.


Baby steps.


What IS your country?


That is the entire quote.

If you think it isnt, provide the entire quote and prove everyone wrong.


That IS the entire quote…


Steve King has already released a statement clearly showing he was misquoted.


No he didn’t. Read the statement again.




Here, point out where he claims he was misquoted:


He says nothing in there about being misquoted.


It’s right there, he rejects those labels.



He wasn’t misquoted. He said what he said, now he’s doing damage control.

Seems like no-one in his own party is buying it anymore.


Where does he say he was misquoted? He doesn’t.


Provide an audio clip that shows he wasn’t misquoted, as he says.