I believe Steve King should be censured


I bet we’ll never hear it… Meanwhile, he was slimmed with fake news.


He didn’t deny the quote. You need to stop defending Nazis.


i dont see anything about disputing what was printed or what he was supposed to have said. he is not denying any of it


So… is this sort of thing out of character for King?

He did proudly display a Confederate Flag on his desk in Congress.


We’ll have to see what he says when Tucker/Hannity inevitably invites him onto their show. Should be interesting.


What’s the quote? Post it…in contest. You can’t. LMAO!


I know he did.


There was that taped interview where he called Mexican immigrants “dirt” and then denied doing so cause he didn’t realise it was taped :laughing:.


What did he do now?


Socialist performed the holocaust, not capitalists…


Those socialists came from the Western Culture that King seems to admire so much.


my guess is a ton of people will dig what King said.


Steve King is the most perfect representative of the Trumplican Party,


But can we define what “support” REALLY means?


Steve King is the darling of the Republican party.


Name a better culture than the west. It’s why we have such an immigration problem…

I’m a big fan of antibiotics, cars and electricity in home…


This is a hyphen: -
This is an en dash: –
This is an em dash: —

Hyphens are used to connect compound words, like “free-for-all”.

En dashes are used to show ranges of numbers (10–15 people), or for scores (The Yankees lost 4–2).

Em dashes are used in place of commas, parentheses, or colons. They’re very versatile—they can be used in many contexts.

To be honest, I’m usually too lazy to make the proper symbol, and generally just use hyphens for all of them. But they’re different symbols with different meanings.

/compulsive grammer nazi lesson


It’s also used to exclude text from statements, like was done here.


The west isn’t a culture, it’s a cardinal direction.



No, it isn’t. Not in the English language. Excluded text is marked by ellipses — “…”