I believe Steve King should be censured

I believe that Steve King should be censured by Congress and removed from all of his commitee assignments.

His constituents may not feel that his opinions are enough to kick him out of office, but the rest of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats can stand up with no problem to reject his type of anti American divisiveness.


He really is one of the most divisive members of Congress. Which is not something we need.

I agree completely. Censured at a minimum. Shamed and ridiculed for all time. Just another albatross around the necks of the GOP. Of which there seems to be more and more every day.

If I were a member of his party I would not want to be associated with him in any way.

Agreed. I would be horrified if he represented my party. I would be making my opinion known with the party leaders.

what would she know?

Basically no-one is giving him any cover this time.

No “That doesn’t sound like the Steve King I know” style ■■■■■■■■■

well until the democratic led house goes to censure then its “hes one of us”

We don’t even know the context of his remarks… Fake news…

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Why do people not realize this is the reason the old south went Republican after the dems went all in backing civil rights legislation in the 60’s. and are the major supporters of repealing it today.


Strange hill to die on.

Well, not really.


where his remarks made up? how is it fake?

house republicans like Liz Cheney and Justin Amash don’t think its fake news

Actually we have the complete context of his remarks.

It started as a typical “schools are teaching kids to be ashamed of the country’s Western European heritage” screed…and then he made a Freudian slip.

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Send me the quotes in the context of the sentence he said…

Too late Steve.

They do teach people to be ashamed of being western… That’s why you know all about christian crusades and nothing about the 10 times more numerous Islamic crusades…

Please read the final sentence of my post instead of falling into immediate defense posture.

see, no direct quotes… Fake news.

If the New York Times took the interview out of context, which honestly this sort of thing isn’t exactly out of character for Steve King, the. I am sure the Congressman would say as much.

And if he said as much, I am sure that the Times would have the recording to back up what they printed.

Your argument seems like it isn’t going to work.


He said the quiet part out loud.

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