I am not sure what Lori Loughlin and her husband are hoping to accomplish, other than perhaps to take their children down with them

My understanding it is the husband who is insisting on pleading not guilty. The children and the rest of the family were begging her to take a plea deal. Loughlin’s potential prison sentence is up to 50 years. If she is convicted, she will certainly serve in the range of 5 to 10 years in prison, compared to the two weeks that Felicity Huffman got by pleading out early. And I see almost zero chance of her beating these charges at trial.

The United States Attorney is running out of patience. It is believed that he is preparing indictments against both of their daughters. The threat of their daughters being perp walked into a United States Courthouse might be enough to get them to plead out. If not, the daughters could be compelled to testify against the parents in return for their own plea deal.

Your daughters lives are ALREADY ****** up to a great extent, but they are not felons yet. Unless you want your daughters to be felons, I suggest you and your husband plead guilty NOW.

Might save you from quite a few years of prison as well.

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I don’t understand the logic either, esp. given how quickly Huffman served her time.

The US Attorney has elected to not charge the brats. They should have been charged. But notwithstanding what should have happened, Ms Laughlin and her husband are now looking at no less than 2-3 years prison. They have long ago passed all chances for favorable pleas, showed no contrition nor acceptance of responsibility, and are at the higher level of criminality based on the amount of money paid, including conspiracy, tax fraud, mail fraud and money laundering.

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They can charge the kids any time if they wish to do so. And I think if the Loughlin’s keep up much longer, I think the United States Attorney will first threaten to charge the kids to try to pressure them to plead out and if they don’t plead out, they will actually go ahead and charge the kids and force the kids to testify against the parents.

These actors should have been jailed for 15 years. Instead Huffman got 15 days. It’s a joke and shows rich people get more leniency.

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I just read that Loughlin’s daughter is very upset that her mother won’t take the plea deal. She is afraid that the case will injure her [the daughter’s] “brand”. I have no idea what her “brand” is- She might sell pancake mix or drive a Dr. Pepper truck. It didn’t say.

Why, Aunt Becky, why… lol

Sadly, the “Hollyweird” folks are under the impression they are “above” the law, (much like politicians). The self- described “elites” live in a bubble. They often get away with things us ordinary folk would be jailed quickly for. They seem to believe they are special n deserve every privilege known to mankind.
Folks who work hard for a living, like my family, for example, being farmers, we find the “elites” a silly lot of humanity. They couldnt work the 3rd shift at Dairy Queen without a staff of hairdressers, makeup artists ,etc…and in all reality, their life’s “work” is feigning sincerity…they get paid to “pretend” .
Lori Laughlin has a diluted view of her place in this life…my Granny always said that an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of horse manure…so Ms. Loughlin needs to pick up a shovel n muck out the mess she n her husband have made of their lives n the lives of their overly indulged children. As bad as it looks for them right now, it could still be a “teachable” moment these parents could give their kids…sure wish they would suck it up n accept their responsibility in the whole mess, admit they were wrong n stop making such a ridiculous spectacle of themselves. It is what it is. Put on some muck boots n get to shoveling, Aunt Becky. Stirring it up wont make the poo dissolve…just makes it smell.


Something tells me that “teachable moments” are long gone in that family. lol

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The elitists and their children certainly do suffer from affluenza.


Elitists like actors and reality TV celebrities live with a different mindset. The masses adore them and treat them like demigods, so it’s only natural they’d assume they can buy, dazzle, or tweet their way out of any difficulty. And they are convinced there is conspiracy afoot whenever they can’t.


I think it has more to do with the ability to hire big money lawyers than a feeling of being elite. Maybe the two are the same. I don’t know.
A high priced lawyer can keep a case going for years. Any penalty these people have to pay is far down the road and it makes them feel invulnerable.

Huffman’s conduct was minimal. In fact had she been charged in state court it probably would have been a misdemeanor. What Huffman did is insignificant compared to Loughlin and Singer.

It was a Sephora endorsement and an Instagram account.

They’re crazy.

Her brand is “popular rich pretty girl” and she was making around $2 million a year.

Why cheat to get that girl into college when shes banking that much?

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Elitists definitely make use of lawyers and lawsuits and litigation to push their will and attempt to intimidate others, good point.

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And about Felicity…her Husband is William H Macy. He has a whole program named after him at NYU. Why, why, why were they cheating anything when they could submit a box of rocks with the label “William H Macy’s kid” on it and it would have been accepted damn near anywhere.

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Olivia Jade’s “brand” is playing stupid. I have an AUSA friend here in LA, a USC grad, who said he would have charged her with conspiracy in a heartbeat.

Correct me if I’m wrong. It appears Olivia Jade Giannulli was supporting herself and had some goals of her own, like coming up with her own cosmetics line.

Doesn’t seem she had much interest in academia. Wasn’t mom’s pushing her to enter college & falsifying her way in a sort of fixing what isn’t broken?