I am doing fine... I am worried about you (displaced workers)

I have really never protested anything before. I was overwhelmed today by what is happening in the USA. While some are able to go back to work this week in Georgia (too soon in my opinion), others have already lost their jobs. I felt inspired to post the following on the twitter accounts below and while I was at it, I emailed Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell. The posts and emails were a plea for those who are sick and suffering. This post is my VENT! I am not angry in any way. I can just see the urgency that those in true need are feeling. Some may not need a stimulus check to get by but for those who do I hope my message does not fall on deaf ears.

Here is my message to the government:
I am a concerned US citizen. I know that people are being let go from their jobs. They are being fired because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their places of work. I understand that help is on the way but for many it could not come fast enough. Their financial burden is now about to become even harder. I know I do not need to tell you all of this, but I just would not be an American if I stood by and watched it happen without saying anything. I think that some people who make decisions for our country have never felt hunger, or the fear of losing all that they have worked so hard. I am thinking of the elderly person who works a part time job to afford medication, the single parent who works and goes to school to provide a better life for their children, and lets not forget about the people who are sick with COVID-19. These Americans are going to recover, and go home, if it is still there. Yes, these Americans can rebuild themselves. Yes, they will be stronger. Does it really have to be that way? Maybe a government field trip is needed. Maybe if they stared the suffering and sick in the face, they would make the right decision.

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We have set the constitution aside because the American people agreed with the strategy. As the sufferings get worse, the American people will lose patience and the quarantine will fall apart.