I am beginning to think that we have a policing problem in this country

So this story comes from St. Louis from events surrounding a 2017 protest against police violence.

During that protest, three police officers arrested and beat a man who was in the crowd. The biggest problem? It was an undercover cop.

Language warning at the link.




I’m sure the undercover cop did something that gave the police officers a reason to beat and arrest him. Insinuating that they did this without cause is besmirching their reputation. When we spread ugly rumors like this we’re making their job more dangerous.

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I couldn’t agree more. We have a huge police problem in this country.

I’ll be the first to admit that police work has always been one of those things that even when done correctly is best kept out of the spotlight. Like politics, no one wants to see how the sausage is made. So cops aren’t entirely wrong when they say that civilians see even routine totally legit police work as brutal or corrupt.

But where I disagree is that cops seem to think that they should be the only ones who don’t have to deal with the consequences of our new panoptic surveillance culture.

I mean, I work in hospitality management-I’m not driving a school bus or carrying a gun and enforcing the law-and I could be fired at any second over posting an off color joke on social media or even having someone tag me in the wrong picture. I dated a girl who was fired from her job because she took an IG picture in the break room that was just a selfie but the caption said “yeah bitch” and a customer saw it, complained for some reason and she was canned for it.

The fact that police are in general super enthusiastic about this surveillance culture when the cameras are pointed at anyone else also lessens my sympathy for their plight.


Burn down Ferguson.

Or Baltimore.

Oh, they found 3 bad cops out of millions. Perhaps. Dems love laws and hate police… It’s odd

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Saying that we have a policing problem doesn’t equate with hating police b

You can always find the one guy, if you want to bash the police, or anything. … Yet, the dem media always has a drip drip drip of how bad cops are. The undermining speaks for itself…

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Very strange.

This always amuses me because no one fears or distrusts a police department as an institution more than workaday cops.

Trump offered to pardon anyone who was over sentenced, or wrongly sentenced, and yet the those who think we have over policing won’t bring any cases to him. So, they must not be able to find many cases.,.

But, look 3 guys out of millions were naughty …

I wonder how often these “naughty” cops have done this before and how many arrests/charges will be thrown out because of it.

Myth is the basis for most of what the left believes…

If Fidelis ad Mortem or any of the other poh-leeces that are veteran posters here are still around, ask them what they think of their bosses and how trustworthy they are.

So, where’s the large list of people Trump should pardon? If the left actually cared, or if over policing was a real problem, we’d see it…

By the way, who’s leading the charge for prison reform? Oh, that’s Trump.

Too bad Donald doesn’t have the political capital to get his own party bring up the First Step Act in the Senate.

That is one of the two things that the President has done that I applaud him on.

So, dems don’t want prison reform. They don’t care…