I actually agree that black Americans should get reparations

From all those wealthy liberal politicians for decades of failed leadership and policies. Here is a list of just a few of those who they should be getting reparations from:

Clinton’s net worth of over $200 million
Pelosi’s net worth of about $200 million
Obama’s net worth of over $40 million
Elizabeth Warren’s of about 10 million
Beto O’Rourke’s of about 10 million
Kamala Harris of about 3 million
Charles Rangel’s of over 2 million

Please feel free to add to this list.


I think the reparations should come from the DNC.

Party of the slave masters.
Party of segregation and Jim Crow.


The city of Tulsa

The philadephia police department


You’re yet another rightie who mistakenly believes (probably because Rush plants this ■■■■ in your head) that liberals are against capitalism and financial success. This is total ■■■■■■■■■

Rightwing media spreads this garbage so it’s easier for them to promote policy that only helps the top 1%.

And for the record, blacks SHOULD NOT receive any reparations. I, nor anyone in my family ever owned any slaves, so I sure as ■■■■ am not paying my tax money to any black people who themselves were never slaves. End of story.


It’s mind boggling that very few Americans know about this horrible incident. Thanks for bringing it up.

Google. facebook. Amazon and coupe others have the means to fund it. :wink:

You either don’t understand the evolution of the parties or you’re playing dumb. In either case, STOP.


Stop speaking the truth? You wish.

I totally agree that the southern party of small federal government, traditional values and states rights should pony up with the damage they did to minorities in this country.


Yours is Trumpie truth, meaning not truthful AT ALL.


If anyone should be paying, it should be those solid red southern states that loved chaining up black people to work in the blazing hot sun to make them money.

Every jackass who fly’s that confederate flag should pay an extra 5%

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Oh boy…

He is right on the money. I could see why you want him to quit bringing it out though. :roll_eyes:

We should just have states pay instead of parties.

But what is his point? The party name has remained the same… the makeup of the party is different.

Unless you believe that I, as a black American, chose to align with a party that in 2019 discriminated against me.

Do you think I am stupid?

Why ask that question?
You know that a truthful answer would violate the TOS.

I am familiar with the talking pts from the left on the subject.

Just out of curiosity how do you think you were discriminated against in 2019?

Smart not to take the bait.:+1:

Yes, mocking reparations and screeching that Democrats are the true rascists will get em this time! Bold strategy.


Totally what I was thinking. Hannity cons are on point here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: