HYPOCRITE ALERT: You’ll Never Guess How BERNIE Kept Safe During ANTI-GUN Rally | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was just one of countless Democrats joining students from the nation’s capital during Wednesday’s ‘National Walkout Day” rally against guns; hypocritically hiding behind armed guards to protect the politician from the crowds of young people.

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Everybody knows how far left Bernie is but he is not an anti-gun nut. Here is a quote from him at a 2015 democrat primary debate.

It’s a country in which people choose to buy guns. More than half of the people in Vermont are gun owners. That’s the right of people. I think we have to bring together the majority of the people who do believe in sensible gun safety regulations. Who denies that it is crazy to allow people to own guns who are criminals or mentally unstable? We’ve got to eliminate the gun show loophole. We have got to see that weapons designed by the military to kill people are not in the hands of civilians.