Hypocrisy Dance

If I say all lives matter, I’m a racist.

If I stand for my flag, I’m supposed to apologize for it.

I’m not allowed to go to church, but I can burn churches to the ground.

I’m not allowed to open my own business, but I can go loot and destroy other people’s businesses.

If I have a gun, wear a badge, and am dressed in blue, I’m a racist pig, but if I walk around destroying my city with bricks and masks, I’m a peaceful protester.

I’m not allowed to peacefully protest the lockdown at my capital, but I can go destroy and grafiti my capital.

I’m not allowed to go to the park to play Tee-ball with my family, but I can destroy the park.

I’m not allowed to protect our historic monuments and history, but I can go tear them down and have them land on top of people.

I’m not allowed to have an opinion on racial matters because I’m white, but if I don’t have an opinion on it, I’m the reason why people are oppressed.

I can go riot in the streets with BLM, but if I go to a Trump rally, Covid-19 magically appears.

Anyone else? lol


I can top all of them.

An American claims to be patriotic, but supports a man like Trump. :wink:


If you say “all lives matter”, you should oppose cops kneeling on necks for 8 minutes. You should oppose cops slamming kids into walls.

And until you show that opposition, people will think that you use “all lives matter” as a slogan in opposition to “Black Lives Matter”, implying that black lives aren’t a part of all lives.


Everyone already agreed with you on all your points. So what’s the problem now?

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Who exactly doesn’t oppose those?

Hypocrisy Dance?
Cruz launched into a seven minute rant on Trump, accusing the front-runner of being a “pathological liar,” a “narcissist” and “utterly amoral.”

I could post a lot more comments about Trump from Republicans before he became POTUS. But you get my drift.

Have you seriously seen posts by anyone in this forum that said that it was ok for that cop to sit with his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, because I have missed that post.
Perhaps there is some dark corner of the web where someone may have said something like that and you have mistaken it for here.


Yep. People attack their political opponents.


I do. Gimme another bag of wind, please. :rofl:

Copied all that in the very next post for TDS.



Masterful post! :+1:


Should I respond with words, or will a meme suffice?

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That it had to be asked in the first place speaks to the sheer forgettable nature of what it will be anyway. Listen to your heart. :sunglasses:

Well, if you feel that way then you get nothing.

I rest my case. :sunglasses:

I guess you can put it wherever you want to.

I don’t want to put it anywhere.

[pretending to use leftist forum tricks ]
please post a copy of the petition signed by Trump supporters that explicitly encourages cops kneeling on necks for 8 minutes and cops slamming kids into walls.

[end of leftist forum tricks]

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There’s only two ■■■■■■■ parties and many people view view liberalism as an utter ■■■■■■■ failure. Personally I hate Trump and don’t want him to win, but on the other hand I can’t stand career politicians like Joe Biden who’s been around forever and is talking about how now is going to fix everything. Don’t want him to win either.

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